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When do classes start?

Classes begin on Monday, Aug. 24.

How can I know what books/supplies I need to purchase for class?

The bookstore has textbook information ready for you a few weeks before classes begin. Enter the bookstore's website and search by class name, code, or instructor. It will help to have your class list ready in advance. You may purchase books online before school begins and pick them up on campus during the first week of classes. On the first day of each class, professors pass out course syllabi which contain information about any other required supplies for class.


When does Connections Week begin?

Connections Week begins on Friday, Aug. 21.

Can I move onto campus before Aug. 21?

You cannot move on to campus before Friday, Aug. 21, unless you are a pre-approved early arrival due to a sport, campus employment, or another reason for which a coach or supervisor has arranged with the director of housing.

Where do I park when I arrive on campus?

The first place to park is in the front parking lot South of the Wesley Black Fine Arts Center to check-in.  Once you have completed the check-in process at Connections Week, you will be able to park your vehicle in the designated area for your living area. Directions will be given to you at check-in.

Where do I go after I arrive on campus?

Go directly the Wesley Black Fine Arts Center to check-in. Please be sure to check-in there FIRST to get your registration folder and a schedule for the week.

Can I ship stuff to campus before I arrive?

Yes! Please do mail boxes to campus. If you choose to mail items to campus, please review the instructions from mail services. When you read through the instructions, be sure to note the correct street address that corresponds with your campus mailbox number.


How do I get a job on campus?

If you are interested in finding employment on campus, please read through the instructions related to on-campus jobs and how to apply for positions on campus.

Connections Week Info

Are there costs associated with Connections Week for me or my family?

There are no initial costs for students during Connections Week. All meals are included, and the meal plan begins on Saturday for all students.

There is no attendance fee for parents and families during Connections Weekend. Meal costs are covered by the college on Friday, with Saturday meals sold per individual, per meal. Sunday's Family Farewell Breakfast is free to guests of the college.  Meals can be purchased at the front desk as you enter the cafeteria.    

Can parents attend Connections Week with me?

Yes! Your parents and family may attend Connections Week with you. There is an entire schedule made specifically for parents while students attend certain events. Families are able to help students move in to their new living areas, attend workshops, stop by the bookstore, and say their farewells at our Family Farewell Breakfast on Sunday.  Parent and Family Orientation ends following Sunday morning worship at the Free Methodist Church. 

When do meal plans start?

Meal plans begin Saturday, Aug. 22, for the breakfast meal. Connections Week meals for students before that day have no extra cost.

Housing/Residence Life

How do I find out where I'll be living on campus?

The Admissions Office will send you a letter request that you fill out the application for housing.  Once you have filled out your application, our staff will match you with a roommate and a wing that will best match the information that you supply on the application.  Your Admissions Counselor will then notify of your housing arrangements.

How do I find out who my roommate is?

When your Admissions Counselors notifies you of your housing assignment they will also inform you of your roommate pairing.  We encourage students to take advantage of the contact information that we provide in the housing letter so you can get to know each other before you arrive and to discuss the items that you will bring as your share the space.  Facebook is another great way to connect to your roommate and to stay in touch as Connections Week approaches.

Can I see my assigned residence hall room?

During the summer, you may contact the admissions office about taking a tour of your assigned residence hall room. The admissions office offers residence hall tours Friday afternoons at 3 p.m. and welcomes students to contact them about a room tour.

What things are already in my residence hall room?

Each residence hall comes with a twin bed, a desk and desk chair, a dresser and a wardrobe/closet.  You will need to provide your own linens and you must have a bed pad on the bed before your Resident Director will issue you your keys.

What size sheets do I bring?

It is recommended that students bring twin size sheets. Students or parents may purchase twin sheets and bed pads through the local Wal-Mart on Kansas Ave.

What pets can I bring?

Limited pets are allowed on campus. Students are allowed to have fish and small turtles in their living quarters. All other pets are not allowed on campus.


How can I get help with technology on campus?

The campus has a place for that: Institutional Technology, or IT. IT is located on the second floor of the Library in the Reimer Business Center.  They provide all technical support for the entire campus. If you have trouble with your computer or just a simple question, give them a call at 620.241.0723 ext. 346 and one for their friendly staff will work to answer your questions.

View college technology requirements.


Can first-year students have a car on campus?

Yes, first-year students can have cars. Every student with a vehicle must register and purchase a parking permit at the beginning of the year. You can access the Vehicle Registration Form here or fill out the form during registration.  The residence hall that you live in will determine which parking lots on campus you will be able to park. Read more about campus parking guidelines to find out more about parking on campus.  Click here for a Campus Parking Map.  The map is color coded and corresponds with the color of your parking permit.

How do I get around if I don't bring a car?

Many students on campus have vehicles, so it is usually easy to find a ride with a friend or roommate. However, most things in town are within walking distance from campus. Central is on the South end of McPherson but only about 1 miles' walking distance from down town.  Feel free to take a nice walk around town with friends.

How do I get to campus if I fly in or take a train or bus?

If you are traveling alone by plane, train, or bus on Thursday, Aug. 20, and need to be picked up from the airport or terminal, please contact your admissions counselor at 620.241.0723 or Email the admissions team at  During the school year, the Student Development office can assist you in notifying the campus that you are in need of assistance.  You may contact Missy Mayse for assistance.  There is no official transportation service offered by the college to assist students to and from the college, however, often we can find a solution.

Spiritual Life

Should I attend church in the area or is there a church on campus?

We encourage you to attend a church in the area. There are many to choose from in McPherson, the surrounding communities, or Wichita. While students attend chapel on campus, it is a different experience than a weekly church service and believe the opportunity to worship with Christians outside the campus community is very valuable.

When does chapel begin? 

Chapel begins for the year at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 25, in Greer Auditorium. 

Is chapel mandatory?

Chapel attendance is part of community building and is one means to completing a student's 27 spiritual formation credits required over the course of the semester.  Please review the details about spiritual formation credits and the chapel experience.


If you have questions, please contact us at or 620.241.0723