Office of Institutional Research

Self-Study Process

Producing a self-study takes the commitment and talent of multiple people. This page will outline the purpose, process, and people who made the 2013 Self-Study possible.

Purpose of the Self-Study

  • Assess the health and well-being of the institution through a campus and community wide substantive dialogue.
  • Scrutinize current policy, procedures, and practices in accordance with the five criteria for accreditation as defined by the Higher Learning Commission.
  • Gain reaffirmation from the Higher Learning Commission.
  • Evaluate the stability and sustainability of Central Christian’s mission, vision, and program for 2013-2023 and beyond.
  • Appraise current assessment foci and strategies in order to determine if they are in-line with outcomes of the institution and best practices in higher education.

Process of the Self-Study


Spring 2011

Attend HLC Conference (Chicago, IL.)

Summer 2011

Steering Committee & Team Leaders appointed by President Hoxie and confirmed by the President’s Cabinet

August (Workshop)

Initiate self-study

August – December 19

Departmental Reports Written and Submitted


Initial Steering Committee meeting


Departmental Reports submitted to faculty for review


Self-Study committees meet for initial planning

January – May

Self-Study committees begin assessment and draft review

May 19, 2012

Preliminary work outlines & drafts of self-study submitted for summer review

June – August

Substantive Change chapter developed



Preliminary drafts returned to committees with feedback

September – October

Committee Work

October 31

Committee Drafts submitted

November – December

Committee Presentations

December - January

Committees develop final drafts based on presentation feedback

January 31

Committee Draft Revisions submitted to Steering Committee

February - April

Compiling of Working Papers in a draft of the Self-Study


Draft of self-study distributed to faculty and draft for comment and review.


Preliminary Final Draft posted on web for public comment


Mock Visit – Open Discussion of Draft (Town Hall Meetings)


Final draft of complete study readied for publishing


Send Self-Study to HLC
August Present Self-Study to Faculty & Staff during Training Week
September 30 - October 2

Host the Self-Study team

Steering Committee

In response to the objectives guiding this self-study, the steering committee was constructed to represent the campus constituency. The purpose of the committee includes a) representing the constituency of the College; b) guiding and advising the process of the self-study; c) empowering committees and individuals to complete assigned tasks; d) evaluating and endorsing the outcome of the findings of the study.

  • President Hal Hoxie: Ex-officio
  • Dr. Leonard Favara: Self-Study Coordinator/Editor-in-chief
  • Dr. Robin Jackson: Chair of Steering Committee
  • Dr. Jerry Alexander: Accreditation Consultant
  • Mr. A.J. Ellis: Institutional Research Officer
  • Ms. Ruth Parry: Self-Study Copy-editor
  • Mrs. Lanita Kasiska: Committee One: Mission
  • Rev. Chris Smith: Committee Two: Integrity
  • Dr. Glenn Lorenz: Committee Three: Quality, Resources, Support
  • Dr. Robin Jackson: Committee Four: Evaluation and Improvement
  • Dr. David Ferrell: Committee Five: Resources and Planning
  • Dr. Dean Kroeker: Committee Six: Substantive Change
  • Mr. Donald Cooney: Student Body Representative


Committee One: Criterion One: Mission

  • Chair: Mrs. Lanita Kasiska
  • Vice Chair/Secretary: Dr. Ron Allen
  • Member: Mr. Jeremy Brown
  • Member: Mr. Scott Seirer
  • Member: Ms. Michelle Martin
  • Member: Ms. Missy Mayse
  • Member: Dr. Deanna Favara

Committee Two: Criterion Two: Integrity

  • Chair: Rev. Chris Smith     
  • Vice Chair/Secretary: Mr. Mike Craig
  • Member: Mr. Mike Reimer
  • Member: Mr. Patrick Masar
  • Member: Mrs. Amy Burrill
  • Member: Mr. Kyle Moody
  • Member: Mr. Chris Gates

Committee Three: Criterion Three: Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, Support

  • Chair: Dr. Glenn Lorenz
  • Vice Chair/Secretary: Mrs. Judy Stockstill
  • Member: Mr. Louis Collins
  • Member: Mrs. Jessica Gillette
  • Member: Mrs. Pat Muntz
  • Member: Mr. David Grubbs
  • Member: Mr. Brett Janssen
  • Member: Mr. Cheyenne Kroeker

Committee Four: Criterion Four: Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

  • Chair: Dr. Robin Jackson
  • Vice Chair/Secretary: Ms. Candi Alexander
  • Member: Mrs. Bev Kelley
  • Member: Mrs. Melinda Reese
  • Member: Mr. Ryan Mackey
  • Member: Mr. Justin Mourn
  • Member: Mrs. Renee Rivera

Committee Five: Criterion Five: Resources & Planning

  • Chair: Dr. David Ferrell
  • Vice Chair/Secretary: Dr. Calvin Hawkins
  • Member: Mr. Richard Martin
  • Member: Mr. Dale Burge
  • Member: Mrs. Suzanne Smith
  • Member: Mr. Rich Edwards
  • Member: Mr. Doug Vanderhoof
  • Member: Mr. Heath Whitehouse

Committee Six: Substantive Change

  • Chair: Dr. Dean Kroeker
  • Vice Chair/Secretary: Dr. Larry Anderson
  • Member: Rev. Charles Kaufmann
  • Member: Mr. Enrique Barreiro
  • Member: Mr. Jake Kaufman
  • Member: Mr. John Steers
  • Member: Mr. Tom Greco