Youth ministry major requirements

General Education: 45-50 Credit Hours

General Education Course List

Youth Ministry Courses: 47 Credit Hours

Applied Care Groups (2)
Applied Homiletics (3)
Christian Education (3)
Child & Adolescent Psychology (3)
Counseling (3)
Elementary Greek I (3)
Evangelism and Spiritual Formation (3)
Internship/Practicum (4)
Introduction to Theology I (3)
Introduction to Theology II (3)
Leadership Development (2)
New Testament Theology of Evangelism (3)
Pastoral Care (2)
Senior Seminar (2)
Theology of the Holy Spirit (3)
Youth Ministry I (3)
Youth Ministry II (2)

Upper Level Bible Course: 3-4 Credit Hours

Apocalyptic Literature
Covenant Literature
General Epistles
Gospel of John
Gospel of Mark
Introduction to the New Testament
Introduction to the Old Testament
Introduction to Biblical Literature
Old Testament Prophets
Pauline Epistles
Wisdom Literature and Psalms