general music Major requirements

General Education: 45-50 Credit Hours

General Education Course List

General Music Courses:

Applied Lessons (Private lessons in declared instrument)
Applied Piano (required until Piano proficiency is demonstrated)
Basic Conducting
Basic Guitar Class (waived if in Applied Guitar)
Brass Technique
Choral Conducting and Rehearsal Technique
Guitar Techniques
Instrument Conducting and Rehearsal Technique
Introduction to Music Technology
Junior Recital
Major Music Performance Group
Music History 1 (Ancient-Renaissance)
Music History 2 (Baroque-Classical)
Music History 3 (Romantic & 20th Century)
Music Methods for Elementary Schools
Music Methods for Secondary Schools
Music Theory & Ear Training I, II, III, IV
Percussion Techniques
Senior Recital
String Techniques
Voice Class (waived if enrolled in choir, chorale, or applied voice)
Woodwind Techniques