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Distance Learning..."Dreaming the inconceivable and making it inescapable!"

A Welcome Message...

Distance education learning is intended to utilize the Internet to deliver specific program courses anytime anywhere, in majors within the Traditional program, Bachelor of Science Degrees in Business in Organizational Leadership, Ministry degree, Leadership, Certificate Courses, and independent ministry courses, which are required for denominational ordination. Financial pressures are forcing many students to work longer hours during this economic crisis in the U.S. Individuals are forced to take on additional part time jobs, so they need flexibility of being able to take at least one or two online courses each term. Mid-career professionals also like the convenience of fitting online courses into their busy work and family schedules, a service that community colleges are offering today.

By adopting an on-line system, Central Christian has programs and courses available in this modality, viewed as a 24-7 college program by potential new students. Students are able to complete the course work, watch videos, view web pages, etc. at a time that is convenient for their schedules.

Dean Kroeker, Ed.D.

Technology Requirements:

To complete the online classes, students will need Internet access with at least a mid-range bandwidth. Their computer's bandwidth will affect video loading speed and a higher bandwidth will increase satisfaction with the program.