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2 Recent Grads Create Job Opportunities for Students
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2 Recent Grads Create Job Opportunities for Students

23-Dec-2014 By Cristina Janney
Managing Editor McPherson Sentinel

Posted Dec. 23, 2014 @ 9:25 am 

Two area businesses have partnered with Central Christian College to provide work for college students.

The Kansas Certification Testing Center and Clean 4 Him are both private for-profit businesses that are part of Central’s President’s Opportunity Challenge.

The POC is a work study program that employs Central students in both on-campus jobs and at off-campus for-profit businesses. Central is the only college in the country that has this type of work study program, according to the Department of Education.

The Kansas Certification Testing Center, 1207 S. Main St., provides site-specific, computer-based training. NCRA has used the business to train and certify many of its contractors who are working on the new coker project at the refinery. The safety training and testing is required by national law for contractors to work in refineries.

KCTC employs one student as part of the POC program. Micah Church, KCTC CEO and Central Christian College graduate, said his student employee allows the business to stay open and operational while he pursues other clients.

“He manages the office while I am gone,” Church said. “I need someone there all the time, and it shrinks the burden on me. He does a very good job.”

Church’s employee works about 15 hours per week, and he said he tries to flex it around the student’s class schedule.

Church himself graduated with $20,000 in debt and said the mission of the POC program is incredible effort by the college.

“I love this,” he said. “It is a great opportunity. I am helping students graduate with less debt. KCTC is happy to help out.”

For more information on KCTC, call 620-504-6389 or Church at 660-281-1602. Visit KCTC’s website at

Clean 4 Him

Casey Coates, a 2011 Central Christian College graduate, is an unlikely entrepreneur. He studied music and exercise science while at Central.

But he loved to clean, and from that passion rose a business.

He started cleaning in Wichita, but Central President Hal Hoxie invited him to be a part of the POC program.

Today, Coates’ business employs eight both students and nonstudents and cleans all of campus plus for other commercial and residential clients.

“It took me to my senior year at Central to know I had a passion for business and finance,” he said. “I was always a detailed person and had a thing for cleanliness. It is funny how it worked itself together.”

Coates offers a slightly different service than other cleaning businesses. He uses only all-natural cleaning products.

From working in cleaning services before, he said he was disappointed in the effectiveness of many of the commercial cleaners on the market.

He uses natural substances, such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice, to make his own cleaning solutions. He said the substances work better and are substantially less expensive.

Coates also graduated college with debt, and he said it did restrict some of his choices upon graduation.

“I have a personal conviction and interest in deb-free living,” he said. “I am thrilled to help promote this program. I think it has an implication for all our lives, especially students. I am passionate about its pursuit.”

If you are interested in hiring Clean 4 Him, call or text Coates at 316-650-5264.

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