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2018 Summer Updates
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2018 Summer Updates

19-Jun-2018 Dear Central Community, 
It is hard to believe that we are just two months away from getting another academic year underway. We pray that you are enjoying your break and preparing yourself for the wonderful things that God has in store for you when you return. 

In your absence, we have been working hard, preparing the campus for your return. John Walker has transitioned from Director of Campus Life to the position of Dean of Student Life. In his new position, he has been working diligently to build a dynamic student life experience for you. More details are below. In addition to this change, Marc Golden has transitioned into a new role as Dean of Admissions and Marketing in addition to his role as head coach for women's basketball. 

After graduation this past May, President Hoxie announced that he will be transitioning into the role of President of the Butterfield Memorial Foundation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In the meantime, the Board of Trustees has appointed Dr. Favara as interim President and has laid out some specific outcomes for the campus to address during this transitionary period. 

With all of these transitions, the mission has not changed. Central exists to provide Christ¬≠centered education for character. In fact, the current administration is challenging each other in developing a comprehensive plan that embodies the institutional mission statement We refer to this as our "Growth vs. Fixed Mindset". 

Those with a fixed mindset are more likely to give up when they face an obstacle. Meanwhile, those with a growth mindset view obstacles as a chance to experiment and solve problems. In a fixed mindset, there is a focus on measurable accomplishments. But, with a growth mindset, the focus is on a journey of continual improvement. With a fixed mindset, you are less likely to take creative risks. Whereas with a growth mindset, creative risks are viewed as a way to innovate and improve. Ultimately, our mindset influences everything. We are using this standard as a way to grow and improve in our abilities to serve and lead this wonderful institution with a growth mindset. 

With this in mind and in response to some of the recent transitions, we wanted to make you aware of some changes that you will need to note. Each represents a strategic effort to embrace this "growth mindset" and improve our ability to offer you the very best educational experience. 
  • Earlier check-in and move-in dates to facilitate an entire week off for Thanksgiving break and an additional day for Easter break:
    • Friday, August 17th: New student move-in (1 - 4 p.m.)
    • Sunday, August 19th: Returning student move-in (2 - 5 p.m.)
  • New Head Coach for Baseball, Stephen McNett
  • New Resident Director, Elijah Barsness
  • Deeper partnership with the McPherson Free Methodist Church and the pastoral staff, providing you greater access to campus related ministry and ministry opportunities
  • Three counselors to address your mental health needs
  • Expanded Consortium options for greater access to more course options
  • Reallocation of tuition and fees to provide:
    • More varied menu options in the Dining Hall
    • More extensive Intramural schedule
    • Expanded co-curricular programming focused on individual and community engagement
  • A filtered water receptacle in Science Hall
  • A three-day spiritual growth experience to challenge students, faculty and staff in the fall, known as "Engage
We will continue to work throughout the summer to bring even more enhancements, but we thought it was important to communicate some of these now, especially related to the change in start dates. You will want to be sure to plan accordingly. 

Based on feedback we have received from all of you, we have decided to end the Books4U program, investing in other aspects of the student experience. You will want to be sure to make arrangements to order your books for the fall semester. To help you out, we have created partnerships with some vendors to ensure that you can purchase needed course materials at discounted prices. The book list will be available no later than July 1, giving you ample time to order what you need. 

Members of the Admissions team should be in touch with you over the next few weeks to answer any questions and to make sure you have all you need for fall registration. With these changes in mind, our growth mindset is taking root. Please be in prayer for the faculty, staff 
and students as we pursue Christ together. "Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised". 


John Walker Marc Golden
Dean of Student Life Dean of Admissions and Marketing


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