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CCC Partners with Rafter to Provide Course Materials
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CCC Partners with Rafter to Provide Course Materials


Press Release: For Immediate Release
Contact: Leonard Favara
Office: 620-241-0723 (ext. 345)

Central Christian College of Kansas is proud to announce that it is has partnered with Rafter, in an effort to provide an innovative course material solution to its student body. This partnership is a strategic effort to help reduce college costs and ensure student success.

 It should come as no shock that the cost of a college education is increasing, which for many presents a nearly insurmountable obstacle in pursuing a college degree. Of singular concern is the growing costs associated with textbooks. A number of years ago, CCC implemented a virtual bookstore, allowing students the option to shop for books in a marketplace. It was hoped that his option would provide a means through which students could access affordable course materials. However, as has been the case on many college campuses, a growing number of students have been opting out of purchasing books altogether, as a way to cut down college costs. Additionally, students who were purchasing books often found that books were not arriving in a timely fashion. A problem that is true for both the traditional student and for those students taking classes online. The outcome was a class populated by students that did not have access to learning materials, therefore handicapping both the student and the faculty.

A solution was needed – one that kept the cost of course materials low, but also allowed for every student to have equal and immediate access to course materials. The option of partnering with Rafter has provided a means through which the College can provide all students with 100 percent of required course materials on or before the first day of class, folding the cost, with a substantial savings compared to commercial market rates, into tuition & fees. This partnership allows the College to leverage the technology and purchasing power provided through Rafter to improve college affordability, and help improve student outcomes by ensuring that every student has equal access to learning materials and the aid needed to cover those costs.

From a strategic perspective, the College recognizes that this program can have a significant positive impact on retention and persistence since it provides students with the tools to be successful in their academic endeavors. In turn, knowing that every student has access to the same learning materials on day one of class, means that students and faculty are free to engage the learning process on day one of class.

Dr. Leonard Favara, Chief Academic Officer at the College said, “In the past, there has been a struggle between ensuring that students have access to learning materials and ensuring that students are not faced with excessive college costs. This program allows us to offer a sustainable solution; one that provides an affordable avenue through which every student has access to all the course materials needed to pursue their educational goals. This is a good thing.”

The program is scheduled to begin summer of 2016.

Rafter is a technology company on a mission to improve student success by making higher education more affordable, accessible, and effective for all. The company’s solution, Rafter360®, is transforming how schools discover, manage, and distribute educational content to students. This proven solution enables schools to prepare students with 100% of their course materials – print or digital – by the start of classes, ensures full academic freedom, and improves classroom access and college affordability. To date, hundreds of schools and nearly 3-million students have used Rafter’s technology to save over $700 million on textbooks and other educational resources.


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