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KSN News Interviews CCC about Eliminating College Debt
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KSN News Interviews CCC about Eliminating College Debt


MCPHERSON , Kansas – A McPherson College is taking a new approach to help students pay off school.

“By in large when students graduate from college and they experience a large amount of debt, they feel a tremendous amount of pressure,” said Chris Smith, Chief Student Affairs Officer.

Central Christian College in McPherson has taken on the ambitious goal of trying to make sure all of their students graduate debt free.

“I think it’s great, I think it’s a wonderful idea that they have, they have several different ideas for doing that and places that the students can work, and I’m looking forward to seeing how that works,” said Sarah Schultz, Central Christian College graduate.

Schultz now works with some of the students that benefit from the program, which allows students to work for the school or outside businesses affiliated with the college, like the day care and coffee shop off campus. Then, their entire paycheck goes toward tuition.

“It’s something that they can not only put on their resume, but they can demonstrate a longevity of work experience that’s been productive and helpful to the employer which I think is something a lot of college students aside from their internships sometimes don’t have,” said Smith.

The university hope with debt-free graduations, they can give back to the community by volunteering or donating to the college.

A lot of students work at the Well, it’s an off campus book store and coffee shop, and they learn a lot of things on the business side, including ordering, stocking and customer service.

It’s just a really good environment and easy to know when they need work hours and when they need to be studying, not to be overworked or anything like that, so I think it’s a really great idea,” said Schultz.

There are currently 18 students in the program.

The college hopes that by next year that number will more than double.


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