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PBL competes at State Conference
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PBL competes at State Conference

18-Feb-2015 This past weekend Central’s PBL business club competed at the State Leadership Conference at Fort Hays State University. The club took 19 students and left with 15 first places, 13 seconds, and 8 third places in a variety of tests, presentations, and scenario problem solving events. A few notable students shined at the conference like Josh Black who finished 1st in all five events that he competed in at State. Also, Liz Caron, Tara Kemp, and Brady Sherman placed in all their events. 17 of the 19 students qualified for nationals that will be held in Chicago. Also, four students received who’s who honors, and the chapter received the best looking club on campus and in the state award (or some award like that). (They reflect their advisor, Dr. Ferrell.) See photo below and a list of all individual and team winners.

Here is a summary from Dr. Ferrell:

Any job or activity or position has its highs and lows. For Heath Whitehouse and myself, we experienced a high as we accompanied 19 Central PBL students to the 64th annual PBL State Convention hosted by Ft. Hays State University in Hays, KS. Ten collegiate PBL chapters were in attendance. Over the years, Central’s PBL chapter has evolved into the leading chapter in the state in terms of size, involvement, and activities throughout the year. I will share two stories of what others shared with me about our students.

First, my job Friday was to monitor the door outside of one of the rooms where some judging was happening as students were giving their presentations in various competitive events. Mid-afternoon, two judges who happened to be from Ft. Hays University, stopped me in the hallway (they were judging other events in another room) and preceded to tell me how impressed they were with our students. They went on for some time about how prepared, engaged, and friendly they were during their presentations. Their presentations were of high quality. They encouraged me/us to keep up the good work with our students. They seemed sincerely impressed.

The second encounter was with the PBL National Parliamentarian (a student at Doane College in Nebraska) who was at our event involved as a seminar leader and who led our by-laws discussion. Late in the morning on Saturday, she led a workshop entitled “Post College Life.” Apparently, she has led this seminar at multiple state leadership conferences around the country. She invited various students in the audience to come to the front and answer various questions about their goals, ambitions, important aspects of life, life lessons learned, etc. Three of the five students sharing during this half hour were from Central Christian. They did a wonderful job of representing themselves, the College/their experiences and their goals for the future. She remarked to me later with a huge grin on her face, “Wow, you really must be proud of your students!” After going on about how they presented themselves she said “I have been all over the country conducting this particular workshop and I have never had one as good as this one! You must be very proud.”

Wow, what a positive shot in the arm. After receiving both of these unsolicited positive remarks, I stood a little taller and was more thankful for the opportunity to serve our students here. I know the business faculty do not take all the credit because it starts with the admissions process and includes all the faculty and staff at CCC that touches our students. The families of our students also have a huge impact on their lives.

As a postscript, we are actively recruiting at least two Butler and Cowley County students to be business majors at Central next year and to be involved in our PBL organization.

Dr. David Ferrell
Chair, Business Department

Events Placed

Camille Anderson; Justice Administration- 2nd;
Josh Black; Public; Speaking - 1st
Elizabeth Caron; Contemporary Sports Issues - 2nd; Project Management - 1st
Grace Chaires; Business Communication - 1st; Entrepreneurship Concepts - 1st; Organizational Behavior and Leadership- 2nd
Trevor Dahl; Cost Accounting - 3rd
Sam Edwards; Accounting For Professional - 1st; Cost Accounting-2nd
Jaime Gutierrez; Contemporary Sports Issues - 3rd
Tara Kemp; Marketing Concepts - 2nd; Microeconomics - 2nd; Retail Management - 1st; Statistical Analysis - 2nd
Kameron Kraus; Statistical Analysis - 3rd
Todd Nelson; Impromptu Speaking - 2nd; Microeconomics - 3rd; Public Speaking - 3rd
Stevie Penn; Retail Management- 2nd
Emores Petty; Organizational Behavior and Leadership - 3rd; Sports Management and Marketing - 3rd
Brady Sherman; Future Business Executive - 2nd
Kaila Vlahopoulos; Help Desk - 1st; International Business - 3rd
Shun Yamashita; Hospitality Management - 2nd; International Business - 2nd

Team Events Events Placed
Camille Anderson Kameron Kraus and Todd Nelson; Business Ethics- 1st
Josh Black Christopher Rigby and Brady Sherman; Business Decision Making- 1st
Josh Black Elizabeth Caron and Brady Sherman; Management Analysis and Decision Making- 1st; Marketing Analysis and Decision Making-1st
Elizabeth Caron Stevie Penn; Business Law - 1st
Grace Chaires Tara Kemp;  Human Resource Management - 2nd
Austyn Chynoweth Todd Nelson; Social Media- 1st
Josh Black Brady Sherman; Business Presentation - 1st


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