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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Central Christian's Organizational Leadership Degree
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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Central Christian's Organizational Leadership Degree


Among the many qualities that define today's top figures in the business world, one they unanimously share is the ability to lead. Central Christian College encourages the cultivation of these leaders in their Online Organizational Leadership Program. This article highlights three main reasons why an Organizational Leadership degree program can help you lead the way into your ideal future career.

Pick From New Career Paths

Pursuing an Organizational Leadership degree program means expanding your potential career path into a variety roles. Many graduates that hold bachelor's degrees in the field go on to assume roles in fields such as organizational management, human resources, as well as training and development, all of which can utilize the leadership skills that Central Christian College's Online Organizational Leadership Program instills in its students.

For example, the Society of Human Resource Management found that at least 45% of employers look for a year of experience for entry level human resource management positions. With a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership, you’ll be able to leverage your education into real world application through internships, volunteer opportunities or other jobs that will help you take the next step into human resources. highlights a management analyst position as another viable career option for organizational leadership majors. A management analyst focuses on one particular area of a business and works as a change agent to improve that department.

The salary for experienced management analysts may reach an average annual salary of $80,000 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).These are just two examples of the variety of careers available to organizational leadership majors.

Capitalize on Convenience

In addition to the crucial skills and new opportunities that the Central Christian Online Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership program can afford you, it also comes with the perk of ultimate convenience. Central Christian College's Organizational Leadership Program is offered completely online, which means you can participate and progress through classes on your schedule.

Central Christian College of Kansas’ online BAOL program makes a bachelor’s degree accessible to students. There are no transcript or application fees. All you need is a 2.0 GPA, a high school diploma or GED, and a desire to take your education to the next level. In addition, credits earned in an associate’s degree program may transfer towards some of the general education requirements for your bachelor’s degree.

CCCK Online bachelor’s degree programs also include the majority of the class books in the tuition meaning you don’t have to continue to pay for new books every semester.

Christ-Centered Liberal Arts Education

Central Christian College is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church of North America. However, Central Christian College welcomes all students regardless of religious preference, race, color, handicap or economic status.

Graduates of Central Christian College’s organizational leadership program distinguish themselves as servant-leaders, individuals who work to better society and the world. Central Christian College takes a holistic approach to a liberal arts education focusing on the whole person who can view business decisions from an ethical perspective.

Take the first step today toward becoming a leader of tomorrow's business world with Central Christian College's Online Organizational Leadership Program. The faith-based curriculum of the Central Christian College curriculum can help you build your skills and your abilities to achieve your career goals.


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