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If you have a dream of learning to fly, Central Christian College of Kansas can help you soar. There is always a demand for college-trained personnel in all areas of aviation. Our program helps to meet this demand.

The Aviation program prepares students for vocational work in the field of aviation. Enrollment provides engagement in airport operations, flight logistics, ground maintenance and other vital aviation operations, thus allowing students to expand their credentials in this growing field. Graduates of our program entered careers in charter services, missionary aviation, flight instruction, and operate as corporate and commercial pilots.

Currently, CCCK offers two distinct flight training opportunities:

  • Online/Hybrid Program (Lakeland, FL): In partnership with International Aero Academy students may engage an accelerated flight program, while concurrently completing academic coursework through CCCK's virtual campus. Through this program, students begin online coursework while also seeking certification as a flight instructor through IAA. Once certified, students can work with the International Aero Academy as a flight instructor (logging needed hours), while completing remaining academic requirements online. Request More Information or Apply today. This degree may also be completed in conjunction with any FAA approved flight program or certification.  
  • Residential Program (McPherson. KS): Students wanting to pursue basic flight training, as part of their collegiate experience, may do so through on-campus flight training offered in partnership with the McPherson Airport and Hesston College.

Program Outcomes

Fit Mind & Body

  • Students employ practical flying skills based on a broad knowledge base and critical inquiry. Measured through licensure and rating scores.
  • Students articulate vocational goals and demonstrate a portfolio in alignment with identified ends. Measure through completion of portfolio.
  • Students demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills within the context of aviation. Measure through completion of portfolio.

Fit Heart & Soul

  • Students exhibit character in keeping with the profession and mission of the institution.
  • Students collaborate as an effective member of a multidisciplinary team.
  • Students contribute to ways in which the industry embraces its role in a diverse and global society.


Our Aviation Program offers flight instruction as provided in Part 141 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. In addition, our program provides high-quality training at a very competitive price. The Central Christian College of Kansas Aviation program operates in conjunction with Hesston College in Hesston, Kansas and the International College of Aerospace and Aviation located in Lakeland, Florida. 

Cost & Aid

Costs related to fuel, aircraft rental, instructor fees, etc. are set by each program. Rates may be adjusted dependent on fuel, insurance, and other costs. To find out more about how to finance your aviation goals, please read the following: Paying for Aviation