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Larry Anderson

If you have a dream of learning to fly, Central Christian College can help you soar. There is always a demand for college-trained personnel in all areas of aviation. Our program helps to meet this demand. In addition, earning your private license opens the door to becoming a professional pilot.

General Education Courses: 45-50 Credit Hours

General Education Course List

Aviation Courses: 33 Credit Hours

Certified Flight Instructor (Ground and Flying) (4)
Certified Flight Instructor (Instrument) (4)
Commercial Flying I (3)
Commercial Flying II (3)
Commercial Ground Instruction (3)
Instrument Flying I (3)
Instrument Flying II (3)
Introduction to Aviation (3)
Introduction to Instrument Flight (3)
Multi-Engine (1)
Private Flying (3)

Course Descriptions 

Our Aviation Program offers flight instruction as provided in Part 61 of the Federal Aviation Regulations as opposed to Part 141. In addition, our program provides high quality training at a very competitive price. Costs of flight training are in addition to regular tuition and fees but are offered at a very generous discount.

Cessna aircraft are utilized for training in our aviation program. More detailed cost information is available upon request.

Students generally begin our program at the exploratory level. While some advancing to a career in aviation, some simply enjoying the dream of flying.

We invite you to apply today and make your dream of flying come true.