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Bachelor of Science in Business


Quick facts about the Business Department

At Central Christian College we are here to teach you that being successful in business does not mean having to compromise your Christian faith. Unfortunately, today’s business world is full of unethical business practices and corporations that have allowed success to override ethics.

We are here to guide honest business professionals like you who are grounded in your faith – who seek the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in your respective business ventures and who have a high regard for ethical business issues and principles. Our Business Department adheres to a philosophy of fully integrating and articulating Christian values into our courses while also developing strong business acumen and understanding among students.

Internships and practical study programs are available as part of your educational experience here at Central Christian College of Kansas. Your advisor and the faculty of the business department will work with you in designing an experience that will best match your educational goals.

We invite you to apply today and learn how to be successful at business while still embracing your Christian faith.


Besides these residential programs, the department also offers a number of online opportunities including majors in:


Fit Mind (intellectual)

  • Evaluate knowledge in business, management, and accounting principles while developing unique and creative solutions to business related challenges and operations.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills while conducting appropriate research.
  • Summarize the contributions of business and economics historically and within contemporary culture.

Fit Heart (social)

  • Collaborate with those from diverse cultures and differing worldviews as an effective member of a team.
  • Structure business practices to ascertain industry opportunities while exercising social responsibility at the local, national and global level.
  • Justify the responsibility that a business has to all stakeholders and engage society as ethical and productive citizens.

Fit Soul (spiritual)

  • Integrate ethical reasoning and worldview to decision making and business practices.
  • Evaluate business related theories in practices from an evangelical Christian perspective.
  • Articulate and defend the role of Christian character in personal and professional dealings.

Fit Body (physical)

  • Express thoughts, ideas, and findings effectively, utilizing multiple mediums of communication.
  • Facilitate the effective use of organizational resources, i.e. human, physical, and financial, while practicing appropriate Biblical stewardship.
  • Practice appropriate professional appearance and behavior as a professional identity is developed.

Major Field Test in Business

Each spring, the senior business students, as part of their annual senior assessment, participate in the Major Field Test in Business, offered nationally by the Education Testing Service (ETS), the same organization that sponsors the TOEFL’s.  In 2017, one Central student scored in the 92nd percentile and another in the 82nd percentile. In 2018, the business seniors, as a group, scored at the 75th percentile with the majority scoring above the 50th percentile.  The top student scored at the 87th percentile. This means that Central’s business students scored better than 75 percent of all senior colleges and universities participating in this assessment, a tribute to our students and department.


Students can pursue a number of business related occupations including banking, investments, production, retail management, sales, human resources, accounting, missions, insurance, and a number of entrepreneurial ventures. A survey of recent graduates showed that 80% had entered a business related field, with many more continuing on to graduate school. Companies include YMCA, Farmers Alliance, KOCH Industries, Genesis Health Club, Boston Market, Starbucks, AAA Sports Consulting, Edward Jones, Bank of Oklahoma, U.S. Cellular, USAA Real Estate, an many more.

Our students have a number opportunities for hands-on and real-world application. Central Christian College of Kansas partners with over fifty companies in the nation's most industrialized small communities. Currently, Central Christian College of Kansas has the only Risk Management/Insurance degree, in the state of Kansas. These courses are taught by professionals from Kansas's largest domestic property and casualty insurance provider - Farmer's Alliance. Our program allows you to pursue national designations, as you complete your degree. Giving you advanced opportunity for employment.

Students enrolled in our business program have the ability to participate in a number national organizations such as FBLA-PBL, Sigma Beta Delta, and The Institutes. In addition, students can enhance their resume through regional and national competitions in business. In a recent national competition, CCCK students placed in the Top 10 in seven of eleven events (Discover More). Students are also provided an opportunity to compare their mastery of business principles through participation in the Major Field Test, which evaluates you in relation to over 100,000 business students.

In addition, Central Christian College of Kansas graduates become part of an international network allowing individuals to take advantage of missional and economic development initiatives.


David Ferrell, M.B.A, Ed.D.
Business (Chair) 
(620) 241-0723 ext 348

Heath Whitehouse, M.B.A.
Pursuing Ph. D in Human Capital
(620) 241-0723 ext 341
Enrique Barreiro, M.B.A., M.I.N.B., P.M.
Pursuing Ph.D in Business Administration
(620) 241-0723 ext 467