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Communication, English & Fine Arts

OverviewQuick facts about Communicative Arts

Communications, English, and the Fine Arts all find their home in the Department of Communicative Arts. Its mission is to develop students with active and creative minds (fit mind), a sense of understanding and compassion for others (fit hearts), self-confidence and interpersonal skills (fit body), and the courage and spiritual maturity to act on their beliefs (fit soul).

ABC broadcaster Rowan Forster says, "The church is very good at training, equipping and sending out pulpit ministers and overseas missionaries. But perhaps it would also be good to be putting more emphasis on training, equipping and sending out Christian journalists, artists, playwrights, movie producers, TV anchors and so on in every walk of life where influence is wielded in the wider marketplace." That is what we aim to do at Central Christian College of Kansas.

Our staff is dedicated to train, equip, and send out students who can impact the world. Courses are designed to aid students in the careers of their choice through proficiency in the use of language and art as a vocational and ministry tool. Due to our distinctive size, even freshman students receive hands-on experience; rather than having to wait for their turn, which happens at many larger universities.

We invite you to apply today and make a difference in communicating Christian values to the world.


  • Fit Mind: The student can critique and express the role and practices of the Communicative Arts in an interconnected world
  • Fit Heart: The student integrates language and images in shaping thinking and behavior with those from diverse cultural backgrounds and worldviews.
  • Fit Body: The student can produce industry-quality content in various forms.
  • Fit Soul: The student can evaluate the ethical standards and practices of Communicative Art professionals in relationship to personal faith and public policy.


  • English: As an English major, you have the opportunity to explore the relationships between literature and faith through studies in writing, literature, and literary theory. For those seeking to teach English at the secondary level the English-Secondary Education major prepares future teachers with the knowledge and skills to become excellent educators.
  • Communications: Currently, the department offers three emphasis within the Communication's Major. These include Mass Media, Public Relations, and Sport Communications. Each emphasis is built on a core of courses deigned to prepare you with the essential skills needed to be a successful Communication's Major. In addition to these skills, you will be introduced to basic skills in the graphic arts, after which you will complete specific courses related to your emphasis.
  • Art: The department maintains a dedicated facility for those seeking to study art. Courses include painting, drawing, ceramics, stained glass, photography, and digital art. Students may pursue art relate courses as a minor or an emphasis in the Liberal Studies program.


There is plenty of room for involvement. Students can broaden their resume and experiences through participation in live theatres, sports broadcasting, art, graphic arts, music, performance, sound engineering, stage management, and a number of other opportunities. Central Christian College of Kansas produces 2-3 lives shows each year and produces a number of videos.


Christopher A. Gates, M.A.
Theatre (Chair) 
(620) 241-0723 ext 321

Joseph Lemon, M.F.A.
(620) 241-0723 ext 352

Kirk Merwin, M.S.
(620) 241-0723 ext 363