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Communication is an essential part of our daily lives: TV, internet, magazines, radio, telephones, art, books, and discussions. Each and every one represents just some of the many ways we are involved with communication. Since communication is such an essential part of who we are, it is vital that those fields related to communication have well-trained individuals who can keep the communication going.

ABC broadcaster Rowan Forster says, "The church is very good at training, equipping and sending out pulpit ministers and overseas missionaries. But perhaps it would also be good to be putting more emphasis on training, equipping and sending out Christian journalists, artists, playwrights, movie producers, TV anchors and so on in every walk of life where influence is wielded in the wider marketplace.”


Mass Media

Organizational Communication

Public Relations






The Communicative Arts majors at Central Christian College of Kansas are dedicated to training, equipping, and sending out students who can impact the world. Courses are designed to aid students in the careers of their choice through proficiency in the use of language and art as a vocational and ministry tool. Students may concentrate in one of five different areas: Mass Media, Public Relations, Organization Communications, Speech/ Theatre, and Art (minor).

At Central Christian College of Kansas, even freshman students receive “hands-on experience” rather than having to “wait their turn,” which happens at many larger universities. Central Christian College of Kansas’ distinctive size opens the door for them to be involved in journalistic publications, dramatic productions, sports announcing, as well as many other venues. Since Central Christian College of Kansas is committed to personalized education, students can be assured that they will have the opportunity not only to learn from their courses but will have the chance to interact in dynamic learning environments.

We invite you to apply today and make a difference in communicating Christian values to the world.

The Communication Arts Department mission is to develop students with active and creative minds (fit mind), a sense of understanding and compassion for others (fit hearts), self-confidence and interpersonal skills (fit body), and the courage and spiritual maturity to act on their beliefs (fit soul).