Spiritual formation

2013-2014 Theme

We recognize at Central Christian College that all of life, the entire person, is important. As a part of the Fit Four Model - Fit Hearts, Fit Bodies, Fit Souls, Fit Minds - we understand that a person cannot be fully whole unless they have fit souls. As a community, we embrace this holistic approach to education that allows our entire school (coaches, teachers, staff, etc.) to be a part of this process.

As we strive toward "Christ-Centered Education for Character", we have Spiritual Formation at the core of our mission. It does not matter the area of study or future career that one may have, Christian Spiritual Formation is of utmost importance. The Sprirtual Formation program consists of Chapel, Vespers (student led evening services), Healthy Biblical Communities (small groups) and elective options to promote and encourage growth. By encouraging students to fully know God and make Him fully known, our students will love God and love others, and in turn be a positive influence in our world.



Spiritual Formation is foundational to the purpose of Central Christian College as we strive toward, "Christ Centered Education for Character". The mission of Spiritual Formation at Central Christian College is to help all students fully know God and to help them make Him fully known.

Our vision for each student who attends Central Christian College is that they would engage in a life-long process of spiritual development by focusing their attention on...

C -- Committing to participation in a worshiping community.

O -- Open ourselves to the life-changing message of the Gospel.

R -- Remembering and caring for those who are lost and hurting.

E -- Expecting God to move when we pray.