student life

As the early church came together and were of one heart and one mind, we are attempting to create that on a college campus.  Central is a place where students, faculty and staff grow together, learn from one another and challenge one another.  Central is a place where each student can come to know about their own personal strengths and are encouraged to use them to become the persons that God has designed them to be.

The goal is to produce young men and women that are equipped to impact their world for Christ as they leave after four years.  They will be skilled in how to apply their strengths to their careers, their relationships, their families and their churches.  The ethnic diversity of the campus will give them opportunities to broaden their sense of community to include believers of many different backgrounds and will prepare them for the global community of which they will be a part.

Please contact me if you have any questions about Student Development on our campus.

Mr. Chris Smith