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General Education: 45-50 Credit Hours

General Education Course List

Courses: 24 Credit Hours

American Literature (3)
Introduction to Literature (2)
Introduction to Shakespeare (3)
Introduction to World Literature (3)
Linguistics I (2)
Linguistics II (2)
Senior Seminar (2)
Short Story Development (4)
Studies in Poetry (3)

Choose at least one of the following:
3 Credit Hours

British Literature I (3)
British Literature II (3)

Choose at least one of the following:
3 Credit Hours

American Novel (3)
British Novel (3)

Choose at least one of the following:
3 Credit Hours

Advanced Grammar (3)
Advanced Composition (3)

Choose one of the following two areas
to complete two courses: 2-6 Credit Hours

Magazine Production (1-3)
Newspaper Production (1-3)

Choose from the following courses in
order to fulfill the required number of hours

Advanced Creative Writing (4)
Children's/Adolescent Literature (2)
Creative Writing (4)
Film Studies (4)
Junior Project
Literature of the American West (3)
Readings in C.S. Lewis (4)
Senior Project

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Bachelor of Science – English

As an English major, each student is given the opportunity to explore the relationships between literature and their faith in Jesus Christ through studies in writing, detailed studies of literature and introductory studies in modern literary theory.

A full course of study in English enables students to interpret and understand complex information, communicate creatively and develop effective research and problem-solving skills.

We invite you to apply today - and start your journey into the world of literature.