The Adult Student Experience

“Dreaming the inconceivable…we make it inescapable!”
The days of driving through traffic after a long day of work to then sit in a classroom, to complete your degree, for hours at a time are quickly becoming a thing of the past…
The answer…

There is no longer the need to drop out of school because your work schedule and life commitments don’t allow you to get there—the classroom is now convenient through the one night a week program or the online program. The job market can be difficult-this is a realistic way to become more marketable without having to make a great deal of sacrifice.
You will attend class alongside other working adults who are as committed to obtaining their degree as you are. Your instructor will facilitate and guide you through some of the most intellectually stimulating discussions between you and your classmates as you share your real-world experiences and learn from each other’s diverse professional insights. Our systems afford you unparalleled flexibility, personalized interaction with your classmates and instructors, and an innovative and technical setting in which to learn.

Information Sessions