Social Psychology

Did you realize that you already are an amateur social psychologist?  That's right!  You have spent the last 18 - 20 years preparing to take this course.  In fact, you probably have a number of your own latent theories of why people behave the way they do.  Our task, over the next month, is to bring the wealth of our experience and knowledge together and test our theories against the rigors of scientific investigation.  I look forward to embarking on this journey with you!

You should find a number of helpful tools on this page. The main links at the top of the page are probably the ones you will most often use. Below are a few different links I have picked up over my years here. Enjoy!


Social Psychology Network: The page contains a number of helpful resources for those looking to enhance or further their understanding of of principles related to Social Psychology

General Helps:

Help with APA

Microsoft Templates for Students

Help with writing a paper, punctuation, and other mind boggling issues.

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Grade Calculator

GPA Calculator

Research Project Helps

Outline for the Research Manuscript

Informed Consent Example

Online help for writing a Research Paper

Social Conformity

Eyewitness Issues
Lying - Fish Story or Not


The Stanford Prison Experiment
The Stanford Prison Experiment Revisited
Cults: This is from a study done at the University of Virginia (you may not agree with everything here, but there is some good information).
Heaven's Gates Study
Cults and Psychological Manipulation

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