Social Psychology - S320

Living Lab - Nonconformity


To further stimulate personal exploration and understanding related to the issue of conformity.

What You Will Do:

First and foremost, don't tell anyone what you are doing!  Doing so would create a bias in the experiment, which will undermine the intent of this unique endeavor!

On your "Day of Non-Conformity" you will attempt to live out an entire day in which none of your actions are dictated or decided by the social norms expressed by your cultural environment.  Your actions should not be influenced by your desire to be accepted in a group, to be perceived in a certain way, or to be liked.  The essence of this lab is to discover and act upon your true self, not the self you try to be (unless of course that is your true self).  

Be sure to evaluate every activity you participate in.  Ask why you do the things you do, the way you do.  Are your actions a reflection of conformity?  If so, try to discover your own authentic belief.  Don't dismiss why you are watching a certain show or sitting at a certain table.  Analyze everything.  Move beyond simply avoiding the obvious conformist things you do and go for deep authenticity.  At the same time, be careful that you don't go to far and actually conform to nonconformity.  The goal is to be authentic, not necessarily different.

What You Will Turn In:

A 2-page, APA formatted reaction paper.

Possible questions to address: