Social Psychology - S320

Living Lab - Altruism


To further stimulate personal exploration and understanding related to the issue of altruism

What You Will Do:

First and foremost, don't tell anyone what you are doing!  Doing so would create a bias in the experiment, which will undermine the intent of this unique endeavor!

On the day of the Living Lab you  will attempt to live out an entire day in which all of your actions are determined by a motivation to help.  That means that every activity you participate in will need to be done in view of how that activity might be a way to help another.  In essence this is a day to truly "put others first".

Be sure to evaluate every activity you participate in.  Ask, "Why do I do the things I do, the way I do?"   Analyze everything.  Always be asking, "How can I demonstrate altruism by the action I am about to take."

What You Will Turn In:

An 1 -Page, APA formatted reaction paper.

Possible questions to address: