Research Manuscript – Research Project

Social Psychology

1.    Research Manuscript:  As a group, you will be required to write up your results (much like the studies you have been reading in Readings About the Social Animal). The outline below illustrates not only the form your manuscript might take, but also the weight given to each aspect of the manuscript.
    Ø    Cover Page
        i.     Title
        ii.    Abstract
                1.    A brief description of the project, no longer than 250 words
        iii.    Group #
        iv.    Class
        v.    Professor
        vi.    Date

    Ø    Introduction & Hypothesis
        i.    Introduce the Subject [5%]
        ii.    Link and support your subject with some existing research.  This research clarifies and enlightens the reader to the area of Social Psychology you are researching.  The research cited should also begin to elucidate issues directly related to your hypothesis. (Literary Review) [10%]
        iii.    Clearly state your hypothesis.  Be sure to specifically describe the subject of this study and the target population?  Your hypothesis can be stated within the body of the Review of the Literature. [10%]
        iv.    Explain the significance and applicability of your research  [5%]

Ø    Methodology
        i.    Describe how you will test your hypothesis.  How will you maintain internal validity?  What are the independent and dependent variables? Methods of selecting subjects [15%]
        ii.    Procedure of experiment is clearly and thoroughly described (i.e., describe what you will do – location, materials used, conditions, etc). [10%]
                1.    Include a copy of your Informed Consent Form
                2.    Will subjects be deceived, if so justify the deception.
                3.    Indicate the level of confidentiality:
                            a.    Responses will be anonymous
                            b.    Responses will be confidential
                                    i.    Describe the methods by which your team will ensure anonymity and/or confidentiality.
        iii.    How and what will you measure? How will you collect and store results? How will you collect demographic information? Will you use a survey, if so explain the design of the survey? [5%]

Ø    Results
        i.    Demographics: Participant population is properly described (i.e., who they were, how many there were, how they were chosen ). [5%]
        ii.    Describe and graph your results clearly. [10%]
        iii.    Link results to original hypotheses.  (Did the results support the hypothesis?  Could there be an alternative reason for your results?  If they did not, what might the explanation be?  What are the implications of your results?  What new hypothesis could be formed based on your results?  [10%]
        iv.    Final Conclusion [5%]

Ø    Overall
    i.    Style, grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity, economy of expression, readability and orderly presentation. [5%]
    ii.    Creativity and depth of interpretation. [5%]
    iii.    Include examples of all forms used.
    iv.    Include all surveys, unless confidentiality is an issue – if so then all records need to be destroyed and only statistical information saved.