traditional cost of attendance

Expenses for School Year 2014-2015

The charges for tuition and fees are based on an average load of 14 hours per semester plus 4 hours taken in interterm. No charges are shown for the interterm as the school costs (i.e., tuition, board and room) are absorbed in the charges for the two semesters. If a student withdraws without taking interterm, the charges that are absorbed in first semester for interterm are not reimbursed.
New Students

Tuition & Fees  $ 22,500
Room and Board  $   7,400 
Total  $ 29,900 
Returning Students
(Prior to 2014-15)
Tuition & Fees  $ 20,515
Room and Board  $   6,840 
Total  $ 27,355 

The above includes fixed costs only. Estimated average costs for other expenses include:

Books  $ 1,200 
Transportation  $ 1,000 
Personal  $ 1,000 
Total  $ 3,200 

Charges are subject to changes directed by the Board of Trustees. Central Christian College reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.

The costs for Central Christian College are much less than similar private Christian colleges. In addition, we offer many scholarships and other types of financial aid. Read below for our financial aid information, or click here to read about our scholarships.