traditional institutional scholarships

Central Christian College policy allows the allocation of only one college-administered academic scholarship to a student at any one time. When a student is eligible for more than one scholarship, final allocation is based upon the eligibility that gives the greatest advantage to the student. Final selections are made by the college's scholarship committee.

      You must meet the following qualifications for all scholarships:

  •  Must have an Application for Admission and Scholarship on file in our admissions office
  •  Must have a high school transcript (or GED) on file in our admissions office
  •  Must demonstrate qualities which reflect the philosophy of Central Chrisitan College
  •  Transfer students must have all college transcripts on file in our admissions office 
(Transfer students are eligible for all scholarships except for the Presidential and Deans)
All qualifying applicants will receive amounts per year as follows:
(GPA ranges are based on a 4.0 weighted scale)
Trustees Scholarship
Heritage Scholarship $10,000
Founders Scholarship $7,500
Achievement Scholarship $4,000
Central Scholarship $2,500
National Merit Scholarship
Full Tuition, required fees
Presidential Scholarship
Deans Scholarship
Transfer Scholarships
GPA Amount
3.75+ $10,000
3.0 - 3.74


2.0 - 2.99 $4,000
International TOEFL/GED Conversion
iBT Cmptr Paper GED Award
75 187 537 65 $7,500
64 160 505 52 $4,000


*See Scholarship Matrix

ACT/SAT Test Information

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