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Fill out this worksheet if you're interested in receiving an estimated financial aid package. All fields are required. Please enter NONE or 0 where appropriate.

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CCC Admissions Counselor:
Year of H.S. Graduation:
Name of High School:
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H.S. / College GPA:
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# in Household:

(Include yourself, your parents, your brothers and sisters and anybody else living in the household receiving 1/2 of his/her support from your parents.)
# in College:

(Do not include your parents.  Include yourself and anybody else in the household attending college at least half time during the 2014-2015 school year.)
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Note: Please type "0.00" or "None" for amounts equaling zero.
Does your father work?
2013 Income from work:
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2013 Income from work:
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Have you filed the 2014-2015 FAFSA?
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Do your parents receive housing as a part of their salary?
Value of housing received:
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Do you plan to participate in a varsity sport at Central?
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Student's estimated income from work or Adjusted Gross Income for 2013:
Parent(s)Adjusted Gross Income for 2013:

Other 2013 Untaxed Income:

(401(k) & 403(b) Pension Plans, Child Support received, Unemployment, Rental Income, Etc.)

Parent(s) Net Assets from investments, business, or farm:

(Excluding personal home and farm)
(Net Assets = Value minus debt)

Estimated outside aid from relative, church, club, school, or scholarship:

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