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Fine Arts

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Art is a beautiful and glorious way to express that which cannot always be said with words.  We believe that Art is a gift that we have been given to share with the world and worship the Lord with our God-given creativity.  The Central Art community is one that prays together, creates together, and laughs together. Whether it is through clay, paint, pencil, or stained glass there is always something being brought to life and created anew.  
We welcome all to come and get involved with Art at Central.  We offer classes in a variety of areas whether you’re interested in traditional art or graphic.  We also host an Art club that meets weekly to through clay, cut glass, or whatever else you are interested in. Come and join us in worshiping the Lord through the use of your creative gifts.
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Central's Music Program encompasses the development of music skills (practical), music knowledge (theoretical), and music appreciation (historical), while embracing a Christian worldview for dynamic engagement with community and culture (convergence). 
The overarching goal is to develop excellent Christ-like musicians who, with servant attitudes, fulfill all academic requirements and obtain a college degree.Whether your style is more traditional or contemporary, there are many opportunities at Central to learn: state-of-the-art recording studios, individual lessons, songwriting, guitar ensemble, concert choir, piano ensemble, jazz band, lab band, and worship teams. 
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The Theater program at Central strives to create a unique environment, where students become family and a camaraderie is built that goes beyond the stage and classroom to lives we lead. We believe in the power of storytelling. We believe in its ability to convey emotions, build community, educate the world, and pass on a rich heritage of words, ideas, knowledge, possibilities, truth, culture, and Jesus Christ. 
We tell stories with passion, faith, humor, intrigue, love, mystery, and excitement… in the dorms, around campus, in the classrooms, in the studios, and on stage.
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