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Music Studies


The Music Department faculty strives to be role models who teach, inspire and cultivate students to prepare them for a life of service in our diverse and ever-changing world. Our department's mission encompasses the development of music skills (practical), music knowledge (theoretical), and music appreciation (historical) – while embracing a Christian worldview for dynamic engagement with community and culture (convergence).

The overarching goal is to develop excellent Christ-like musicians who, with servant attitudes, fulfill all academic requirements and obtain a college degree. The music faculty endeavor to be role models who teach, inspire, drill, and cultivate students in order to prepare them for a life of service in the multi-faceted world of music


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Use any of the following links to discover more about each major and the courses you would take.





Music graduates will...

  • skilled in their instrument and skilled in performance.
  • skilled at performing within an ensemble.
  • skilled in music theory and ear training
  • ...understand music in relation to history and culture, as well as the relationship of music to other arts and disciplines outside of the arts.
  • ...have the skills to listen to and describe music.
  • ...have the skills to evaluate music performance.
  • ...have been challenged to develop their faith by constructing a philosophy and theology of music and will have the tools to analyzing culture and music from a Christian worldview.
  • ...have skills to lead ensembles.
  • skilled in current music technology.            
  • able to integrate music skills with communication skills to be successful


We invite you to apply today – and discover how our music program can help you on your way toward a career in the arts. Ask about out our music scholarships!          



Staff Photo

Dr. Jacob Kaufman
Music Department Chair
(620) 241-0723 ext 367
  Staff Photo

Ryan Mackey
Professor of Vocal Music & Music Technology
(620) 241-0723 ext 304
Staff Photo Dr. Brett Janssen
Director of Traditional Music
(620) 241-0723 ext 372