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Natural Science


Quick facts about Natural Science & MathematicsScience is a Christian endeavor. One may be surprised to discover that throughout nearly any scientific textbook (physics, biology, chemistry, genetics, astronomy, thermodynamics, etc.) Christian-influenced mathematicians and scientists contributed much of the foundational research related to those disciplines. In an article entitled, "Christianity and the Birth of Science," Michael Bumbulis related that the following scientists were heavily influenced by Christian thought and culture:

  • Louis Aggasiz (founder of glacial science)
  • Francis Bacon (father of the scientific method)
  • Sir Charles Bell (mapping of the brain and nervous center)
  • Robert Boyle (father of modern chemistry)
  • Georges Cuvier (founder of comparative anatomy)
  • John Dalton (father of modern atomic theory)
  • Jean Henri Fabre (modern entomology)
  • John Ambrose Fleming (modern electronics/inventor of the diode)
  • James Joule (discoverer of the first law of thermodynamics)
  • William Thomson Kelvin (clearly stated the second law of thermodynamics)
  • Johanes Kepler (discoverer of the laws of planetary movement)
  • Carolus Linneaus (father of modern taxonomy)
  • James Clerk Maxwell (formulated electromagnetic theory of light)
  • Gregor Mendel (father of genetics)
  • Isaac Newton (discoverer of the universal laws of gravitation)
  • Blaise Pascal (probability studies and hydrostatistics)
  • Louis Pasteur (germ theory)

If a Christian culture produced these individuals, what might a Christian culture like Central Christian College of Kansas do for a student?

The Natural Science program can be your gateway to a broad range of science-related careers, helping you on your way to becoming a doctor or building a successful career in math, chemistry, biology and more. This major is specifically designed to prepare students who wish to pursue graduate school, medical school, veterinarian school or who seek other career paths in science or math. More importantly, we seek to produce academically sound Christian leaders who have first, a proper perspective on God and His Word and second, a proper perspective on the natural world and its scientific study. We invite you to apply today and take the first step toward exploring the world of science.

Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Natural Science Department is to educate students in scientific principles and skills, guided by a biblical worldview, in order to produce competent scientists who can think critically, test natural phenomena, and apply truth for the benefit of mankind and the glory of God.


The department challenges students to...

  • demonstrate and apply knowledge of terms and concepts employed in the natural sciences
  • apply scientific method by being able to design, carry out, and write up scientific investigations
  • be able to think critically and evaluate scientific ideas and investigations
  • demonstrate laboratory skills and safety
  • demonstrate use of and apply mathematical concepts
  • demonstrate the ability to evaluate scientific ideas and studies
  • articulate ethical positions on controversial scientific issues and apply them to a Biblical world view
  • demonstrate integrity and responsibility
  • demonstrate an understanding of the Biblical admonition to subdue the earth and rule over its creatures (i.e. to be stewards of the creation) (Gen. 1:28)



Departmental analysis of alumni demonstrates that from 2005 to the present, the department has had an 90% placement rate (within two-years of graduation) in their field of study (vocational or graduate school).

Student persistence in the Natural Science/Math Department is 77% (data from 2006 to present). This figure is the percent of Natural Science students who took Natural Science Seminar NS-SM 291 (sophomore level required course) and went on to complete Senior Science Seminar NS-SM 491 (senior level required course). Those that graduated with Associate Degrees and transferred were included in if this was their original plan. The overall number for the past five-year span (2013-2017) is also 77%.

Students may seek membership in Beta Beta Beta, an national honor society for the biological sciences.



Mike Craig, M.S.
Biology (Chair)
(620) 241-0723 ext 361

Robin Jackson, Ph.D.
(620) 241-0723 ext 355

John Trow, Ph.D.

Deanna Favara, N.D.
(620) 241-0723 ext 390