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Social Sciences


Social sciences is all about understanding people and how we interact with each other in so many ways. Let's face it, people are everywhere. We live with them. We buy from them. We work with them. It seems that no matter what we do, in some way or another, it involves people.

Of course that makes sense since God created us to live together in harmony with each other and with Him. Still, getting along with all these people can sometimes be difficult. Culture, perception, values, beliefs; all these things and many more create a complex web of interaction. The social sciences assist us in the navigation of that often-tangled web. It is through the social sciences that we begin to see just how wonderful and marvelous God made us as individuals and as a society. Regardless of your course of study, a basic understanding of social sciences is essential to your future success.

The mission of the department is to prepare students for a meaningful life and effective service by empowering them to develop an appreciation of two profound influences on humanity: human nature as designed by God as the pinnacle of His creation, and nurture encountered through society. We are committed to an integration of faith and learning in the Social Sciences after the Wesleyan model, recognizing the influence and value of scripture, reason (with science methodologies), tradition (history), and experience (personal, social and cultural).


We invite you to apply today and discover how a greater understanding of today's global network can help you along life's journey.