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Commit To A Worshiping Community

At Central Christian College we are concerned with the heart, body, soul and mind of each student.  The Spiritual Formation program cycles through our C.O.R.E values (C-commit to a worshiping community, O-open yourself to the life changing work of the Gospel, R-remember and care for the lost and hurting, E-expect God to move when we pray).  This year's focus centers on the importance of being connected to God and to others as an imperative part of a healthy and balanced life.

Chapel, Vespers, and Healthy Biblical Communities are all facets of a well-rounded Spiritual Formation plan tailored to the student body of Central Christian College.  For more detailed information please see the Spiritual Formation Guidelines.

: Tues. & Fri. at 9:30 am
Where: Greer Auditorium.

Chapel at CCC is designed to draw students into, or deepen, a knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. Students and faculty share in communion at the beginning of every month. Chapel speakers include guest speakers as well as Central Christian College faculty and staff. Worship is led by CCC student bands. (The chapel schedule is listed lower on this page)

: Varies by group
Where:  Varies by group

HBC (Healthy Biblical Community) is our small group ministry where students can mutually support one another as they develop campus community.  Central believes that maximized learning takes place when individuals are involved in a supportive and meaningful group environment.
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When: Sunday at 7:30 pm
Where:  The Warehouse

Vespers is an on-campus student led service. It is the continuation of a tradition emphasizing how faith is lived out individually within the body of believers. Vespers is led by Student Body Chaplain, Austin Penn. The schedule includes various speakers and bands.
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Justin Mourn, M.Div 
Director of Spiritual Formation & Experiential Learning
(620)241-0723 x 315
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