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Work Study Program

Central Christian College makes on-campus jobs available to students. Our experience shows that a student can earn up to $1,600 during the 9-month school year by working 6-7 hours per week. Students receive the federal minimum wage. Funds will be disbursed only in relation to hours worked, every four weeks.  Applications for campus employment and the work study program will be sent to students before school begins.

An off-campus employment service is maintained by the College.  Off-campus jobs usually require three hours daily in a single block of time. Obviously, the decision to seek such employment should be weighed carefully for its effect on a student's academic achievement and activity involvement.

On-campus Job Opportunities

Central Christian College needs YOUR help. If you would like to earn some money while you study and play, take a look below and see if anything interests you.

  • Please contact Lyndsi Romero at x335 for a current list of available student work positions.
If you have any questions, please stop by the Financial Aid Office between 7 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Download an application for employment here:  Application for Employment

Hiring Requirements

  • It is up to you to contact the supervisor of your desired job.
  • If the supervisor hires you, please inform the financial aid office and you will be given a verification form.
  • You AND your supervisor will then complete the verification form together and return it to the office.
  • There will be one more paper, an I-9 form, for you to complete (painless - I promise). The I-9 REQUIRES me to see your ACTUAL driver's license AND social security card. PLEASE BRING THEM WITH YOU TO COMPLETE THE FORM!!! NO PHOTOCOPIES. If you don't have these documents, call and we will inform you as to what other documents are acceptable.