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2022 CCM Musician of the Year Award

The 2022 recipient of the CCM Musician of the Year Award is Jordan Summers.

The Following is the Criteria to Receive the CCM Musician of the Year Award

The recipient of this award achieves a high level of academic achievement: a 3.3 GPA or higher, has Senior status, exhibits leadership qualities in a CCM ensemble, exhibits a high level of proficiency in an instrument, exhibits unique skill in songwriting and/or studio recording, shows promise of future achievement, has taken upper-level music credits, and is competent in music theory and aural skills.

The Following is the Speech Presented by Division Chair Mr. Brett Janssen

The CCM Musician of the Year Award is based on the following criteria and is chosen by the full-time music faculty:

  • High level of academic achievement: 3.3 or higher
  • Senior status
  • Leadership qualities in an CCM ensemble
  • High level of proficiency in an instrument
  • Unique skill in songwriting and/or studio recording
  • Promise of future achievement
  • Upper Level Music Credits
  • Competent in music theory and aural skills

The music faculty of Central Christian College acknowledge Jordan’s excellence in music and are proud to present him with the CCM Musician of the Year Award.  We are impressed with his accomplishments and understanding of songwriting, ministry team, and leadership within ensembles and music program.  His proficiency in studio recording and songwriting conveys that he will be successful after graduation. His work with ensembles such as Chapel Band and Jazz Band prove his versatility.  He has excelled in the classroom and has embraced a leadership role in the music program.  Jordan is a dependable and thorough person – he sets his mind to something and he sees it through to completion.  We encourage him to continue to respond to God’s love faithfully, and we believe that he will offer much in the music field.  May Jordan be richly blessed by the Lord as the Lord nurtures his gifts and guides him in the future.

Dr. Brett Janssen
Music Department Chair


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