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2022 Outstanding International Student

Garcia gets awardThe Following is the Criteria to Receive the Outstanding International Student Award

The recipient of this award must have a high GPA, be involved in extra-curricular activities, exhibit a noticeable/positive presence on campus, and be a solid representative of our international students.

The Following is the Speech Presented by Division Chair Mrs. Cathy BrownTakahashi, Hibiki

“It is our honor to present the Outstanding International Student Award to Hilario Garcia Delfin and Hibiki Takahashi.

They both represent themselves and all of our international students well. Hilario is and international student who has charmed his way into the hearts of many here at Central. He is a four year varsity soccer player who participated in Phi Beta Lambda and earned several awards while representing Central competitions. Hilario is an amazing young man who is dedicated to helping his fellow international students. Thank you, Hilario and Hibiki, for all that you’ve done and what you’ve brought to our campus. We are so proud of you!” – Mrs. Cathy Brown

“I have enjoyed seeing Hibiki grow as a person and student while at CCCK. Working with him in the music department, he is one of the most dedicated and diligent students I have had in our various bands and ensembles. Not only does he take his academics seriously, specifically his drumming, but he truly cares for those around him. We will miss having Hibiki, but believe great things are in store for this young man. I am excited to see Hibiki receive this Outstanding International Student Award. – Dr. Jacob Kaufman


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