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2022 School of Liberal Arts & Sciences Faculty of Distinction

Chris Gates SAS Faculty of DistinctionEvery year the college recognizes a Faculty of Distinction for both the School of Professional Education and the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The Faculty of Distinction award is presented to a distinguished full-time faculty member who has been instructing at the College for at least three complete years. In deference to the mission of the college, the candidate must exemplify:

  • Heart: fostering community by inspiring students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn and by working with colleagues within and across disciplines, departments, and programs.
  • Soul: exemplifying a life of sacrifice, stewardship, and service to God and the Church.
  • Strength: illustrating a professional persona appropriate to the office of instructor and maintaining a balanced response to the demands of the office.
  • Mind: encouraging intellectual enthusiasm and fostering critical inquiry across the curriculum.

The recipient is determined by a vote of the Faculty and Student Body. In addition to being recognized here this morning, the recipient will serve as the Grand Marshal for the commencement ceremony.

The following is an excerpt from the presentation by Dr. Jacob Kaufman:

This year’s recipient has served the College for 15 years, and has been an instrumental part of the humanities division. I have been impressed by his tenacity for continuing to learn and grow as a faculty member. This year’s Faculty of Distinction for the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is Professor Chris Gates.

Professor Gates loves sharing his passion for theater and design with his students, and he’s always up for a challenging game of chess. He has put countless hours into crafting the beautiful mugs and other pottery that you can see displayed in the lobby of the Wesley-Black Fine Arts Center, and you may have noticed the gnomes guarding the offices of Science Hall – those are Professor Gates’s handiwork as well.

Professor Gates recently organized a theater reunion, which was attended by over 50 alumni and family members! He also recently directed Scapin, a theater production with a cast of current students and CCCK alumni. In his 15 years here, Professor Gates has directed dozens of plays, and has acted in many of them!

Student, James Parry had this to say about his instructor, “Chris Gates is approachable. His dedication to his students is admirable. He meets them where they are and is not afraid to hold them accountable. His commitment to bring his best to any project he takes on is a testament to his character. The example he sets for his students is one which may quietly go unnoticed – but is in full view of the Lord, who has chosen to use Chris powerfully for His kingdom. ‘Gates’ is not just a professor, he’s a teacher and a friend.”


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