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Senior Executive Team

Staff photo Lenny Favara

Leonard F. Favara Ph.D. (Rev) – CC ’91

Staff photo John Walker

John Walker M.Ed. – CS ’18
Chief Student Engagement Officer

Staff photo Jake Kaufman

Jacob Kaufman D.W.S. – CC ’05
Chief Academic Affairs Officer

Staff photo LeAnn Moore

LeAnn Moore M.S. – CC ’09
Chief Financial Officer

Vanderhoof, Doug

Col. Doug Vanderhoof – CS ’06
Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Staff photo Kyle Moody

Kyle Moody M.S. – CS ’12
Athletic Director

Staff photo Hannah Litwiller

Hannah Litwiller – CC ’11
Secretary of the College

Foundation of CCCK

Staff photo David Ferrell

David J. Ferrell Ed.D. – CC ’82
Executive Director of CCCK Foundation

Staff photo Dean Kroeker

Dean Kroeker Ph.D. – CS ’08
Major Gifts Officer


Larry Anderson

Larry Anderson D.Th. (Rev) – CC ’96
Ministry & Theology Instructor
– Ministry & Theology Department

Staff photo Michelle August

Michele August M.A. – CS ’13
– Academic Department

Staff photo Enrique Barreiro

Enrique Barreiro, M.B.A. – CS ’12
Business, Sport Science Instructor
– Business Department

Staff photo Cathy Brown

Cathy Brown M.E. – CS ’17
Chair of Education
– Education Department

Staff photo Mike Craig

Michael Craig M.S. – CS ’91
Natural Science Instructor
– Science Department

Cromwell, Mindi

Mindi Cromwell Ph.D. – CS ’20
Chair of Ministry and Theology
– Ministry & Theology Department

Staff photo Chris Gates

Christopher Gates M.A. – CC ’07
Chair of Communicative Arts
– Communications Department

Staff photo Amy Goering

Amy Goering M.A. – CS ’17
Art Instructor
– Art Department

Staff photo Charles Kaufmann

Charles Kaufmann DCS (Rev) – CC ’74
Chair of Social Science
– Social Science Department

Staff photo Bev Kelley

Bev Kelly M.L.S. – CC ’96
Director of Briner Library
Student Services Department

Staff photo Brett Janssen

Brett Janssen Ph.D. – CC ’01
Chair of Music
– Music Department

Staff photo Joey Lemon

Joseph Lemon M.F.A. – CS ’17
English Instructor
– English Department

Staff photo Pat Muntz

Pat Muntz M.E. – CC ’72
Director of Student Success Services
– Academic Department

Staff photo Don Schreimann

Don Schreimann J.D. – CS ’17
Social Science Instructor
– Social Science Department

Staff photo Tricia Sondergard

Tricia Sondergard M.S. – CS ’19
Exercise Science Instructor
– Exercise Science Department

Staff photo Steve Smith

Steven Smith M.S. – CS ’19
Education Instructor
– Education Department

Staff photo John Trow

John Trow Ph.D. – CS ’15
Physics Instructor
– Math & Science Department

Staff photo Heath Whitehouse

Heath Whitehouse M.B.A. – CC ’10
Chair of Business
– Business Department

Staff photo Jamie Sparks

Jamie Whitehouse M.S. – CC ’09
Psychology Instructor
– Psychology Department

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