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Earn a English Degree Today!

The Bachelors of Science in English program at Central Christian College of Kansas includes writing studies, extensive literature studies, and basic studies in current literary theory, all of which will engage students in exploring the connections between literature and their faith in Jesus Christ.

A thorough course of study in English helps students to read and synthesize complicated information, communicate fluently, as well as use adaptive research and problem-solving skills. As a result, the English program serves as a foundational degree that provides preparation for a wide range of job prospects such as writing, editorial positions, journalism, ministry, legal, public relations, education, and business.

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Possible Career Paths

  • News Reporter – $38,870*
  • High School English Teacher – $58,030*
  • Technical Writer – $69,850*

*O*Net – National Median Wage Data

English Core (39 Credits)

EN-CP 210 Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
CO-CO 216 Digital Publishing and Productions (3)
EN-LT 217 Introduction to World Literature (3)
EN-LT 222 Studies in Poetry (3)
EN-LT 230 Introduction to Shakespeare II (3)
EN-LT 301 American Literature (3)
EN-LT 304 British Literature I (3)
EN-LT 305 British Literature II (3)
EN-CP 320 Forms of Poetic Writing (3)
EN-LG 321 Linguistics (3)
EN-CP 402 Advanced Grammar (3)
EN-CP 408 Adv. Creative Writing & Composition (3)
EN-LT 415 American Novel (3)

Bachelor of Art in ENGLISH: English = 120 Credit Hours

  • 43 Credits – General Education
  • 39 Credits – English Core
  • 38 Credits – Open Electives


  • Students demonstrate knowledge of a variety of texts, both print and non-print.


  • Students demonstrate knowledge of the history, structure, and development of the English language and how people use language to influence the thinking and actions of others.


  • Students demonstrate an appreciation for the Lordship of Jesus Christ through reading, writing, speaking, listening, thinking, and viewing and their interconnections.


  • Students demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively and responsibly for a variety of audiences and for different purposes.

Each department has their own traditions, French Press has become deeply ingrained in the life and identity of the program. As it may sound, this sacred space revolves around coffee. Weekly, the department shares a meal together and bonds at the appointed time they all reach towards the infamous pot and all push down together.

This seemingly small act has acted as a glue of sorts for the department even being recognized at commencement as all members receive a patch to wear during the festivities. Regardless of your academic program as a Central student, you are invited to join the French Press Club for this sacred time!

The Central Christian College business student has multiple ways to enrich their educational experience through off-campus opportunities. The department regularly offers national and international travel opportunities to study various topics including economics, finance, culture, trade, and monetary systems. Arrangements can also be made to study with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) in their Best Semester program. CCC is also partnering with Students International where students have the opportunity to spend a semester in another country studying local culture, finance, economics, language, investment, entrepreneurship, etc.

Course Examples

This course explores the creative writing process through all its stages—invention, composition, revision, and completion—with a special focus on two major literary genres: poetry and short fiction.

This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of graphic design and production skills associated with digital production. The student will have the opportunity to develop design strategies with an emphasis on the editing process. This course can be repeated.

An in-depth study of different types of poetry and the characteristics of each. The course will include analysis and interpretation of the styles, techniques, and forms of multiple genres.

A chronological overview of the development of American literature from the founding of the country to the present. It will cover all genres of literature and include critical reading and analytical writing.

This course is a chronological survey of the development of literature in Great Britain from the Middle Ages to the Restoration and the Eighteenth Century and is designed to introduce students to English literature with its history not only of steady development and continuity but also of sudden revolution and astonishing originality.

Study of the development of the American novel from the 18th to the 21st centuries and how these works reflect and react to the culture of the time period in which they were written. The analysis and interpretation will include universal themes common to multiple cultures.

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