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Whether it means pursuing a career in full-time ministry or simply being equipped to live faithfully every day, following Jesus is the key to a life of purpose in a world full of ambiguity and trivia. The Ministry & Theology Department has designed its curriculum to meet these challenges.

To that end, the Ministry & Theology Department seeks to prepare biblically grounded, theologically sound, spiritually formed, professionally competent graduates for kingdom service. Because we view education as a journey that we are on together, we place the utmost importance on giving students the opportunities to ask the hard questions and learn how to find answers. Our average class size is small (10 to 15 students) and our faculty is dedicated, both in and outside the classroom, to walking with each student on this journey.

And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” – Matthew 28:16-20

Megan Quote Credentialing


  • Application
  • High School Completion or GED
  • High School GPA 2.5
  • Test-Optional
  • The Ministry and Theology Department has four bachelors programs
  • Classes are on campus
  • Ministry programs are also available online
  • The time it takes to complete the program is dependent on the number of transfer credits awarded upon enrollment
  • To view the full program overview see our Academic Catalog
Central Christian College of Kansas is associated with the Free Methodist Church of North America and is therefore influenced by Wesleyan heritage and practice. Central Christian College of Kansas welcomes ministry students from all denominational and non-denominational backgrounds.

No requirement is placed on students to their Christian background for the Ministry and Theology Department. The department has a strong relationship with many local churches of different denominations providing ministry opportunities both on and off-campus.

  • Foundational: 10 Credit Hours
  • Liberal Arts: 27 Credit Hours
  • Capstone Experiences: 5 Credit Hours
  • Ministry Core: 43 Credits
  • Applied Ministry
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Student Ministry
  • Worship Arts
  • Biblical Literature
  • Ministry
  • Missions
  • Student Ministries (Children)
  • Student Ministries (Youth)
  • Worship Arts
  • Introduction to Theology
  • Hermeneutics: IBS
  • Small Group Leadership
  • Pastoral Care
  • Applied Homiletics
  • Theology of Worship


The applied ministry major is designed for those planning on engaging in tent-making ministries such as church planting or bi-vocational ministry, or for those who are planning to enter para-church ministries like Christian camping, working in media, running a homeless shelter or fighting human trafficking. The program equips students with a strong foundation in theology, ministry skills, and biblical studies. Beyond that, students are encouraged to choose electives which will address their specific calling and meet their personal ministry-related goals.

The Pastoral Ministry major has been crafted to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to lead in a church ministry setting. Along with a firm biblical and theological base, emphasis is placed on practical skills for ministry. There is training in biblical exegesis, preaching, leadership, and pastoral care. In addition, a student will enjoy on-the-job training through a four-semester, supervised internship in a local ministry.

Students seeking to develop the necessary skills to become effective ministers to youth and/or children, will find the comprehensive and practical depth of the Student Ministry major outstanding. Attention is given to providing students with an understanding of the development of the child/adolescent, as well as biblical, theological and theoretical foundation needed to develop and maintain an effective ministry to students. The major offers a balance between coursework and hands-on training.

The objective of the Worship Arts major is to prepare students to be dynamic leaders of worship as a vocational ministry. Students gain a solid foundation in biblical theology as well as experience with all aspects of worship –technology, planning, and leadership. Besides the core worship arts courses, students declare an area of emphasis in music, drama, or art. An internship gives ample opportunity for putting classroom skills to practical use.


How long will it take?

While our program is set up for students to attain their Bachelor in four years, it may take longer depending on how many credits you take each semester.

How do I apply?

For the bachelors programs go to the Bachelors Application for the Residential Program. For the Online Bachelors program go to Online Application.

The first step for masters students is to fill out the request more information form and are admissions team will walk you through the admissions process.

Where do I schedule a campus visit?

To schedule a visit go to or call or text 620-241-0723 to schedule an in person or virtual visit.

Do you offer financial aid?

We do! Our financial aid office can help you get your federal financial aid and loans figured out.

What is the Code of Character?

Our mission at Central Christian College is to provide Christ-Centered Education for Character. The Code of Character articulates the core values that allow the school to pursue its stated mission and works as an acknowledgment from the student to share the values of Central Christian College while attending.

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