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Peer Tutoring

Central Christian College offers free peer tutoring for most of the general education courses, including math, general sciences, social sciences, philosophy, humanities, bible courses, English, and speech classes. There is tutoring available in several of the upper level major classes as well. The Student Success Center will assign tutors to all students who are seeking assistance if there are tutors available in the subject that assistance is needed. It will be the responsibility of the student to make an appointment with the assigned tutor.

Study Clusters

Study cluster groups are designed to get students together to study a subject facilitated by a trained student leader and sometimes by the instructor. The cluster leader facilitates learning as a guide and coach to assist the students to become a more successful and independent learner. The leaders work closely with instructors and prepare ahead of time in order to provide the best use of the cluster time.

The purpose of the study cluster is to provide supplemental instruction and preparation for classes that students may be having difficulty with, or for maximizing their full learning potential and success outcome. The goal of the study cluster is to increase and enhance a mastery of concepts and/or applications in a specific course. Students have found that weekly sessions are beneficial, as well as test preparations. Some instructors choose to lead the study clusters, particularly prior to a test.

For information or to schedule a peer tutor or to find out when a study cluster is meeting, please contact:

Pat Muntz, Director of Student Success
Email Pat
Phone: 620-241-0723 ext. 312

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