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Alumni Obituary – Laine Moore

Laine MooreThis obituary for Laine was written by a close friend and posted Elliott Mortuary & Crematory.

The time arrived for Carol Elaine Wright, known by her pen name Laine Alex Moore (not really pen name but her legal name), to make her grand exit from here to Heaven on Tuesday, December 17, at 10:45 PM, in Hutchinson. Her untimely death was caused when she plummeted to the ground after her parachute failed to open during her first skydiving expedition, which she planned for her impending 50th birthday.  Laine would opt for that version of her passing rather than due to health complications. That would be anticlimactic after all.

We want to know the cause of death, don’t we? We’re all curious. Laine was president of the local chapter of the Curiosity Club, in fact. Not a real club, of course, but she craved learning and wanted to know why things were the way they were. Wikipedia was one place she’d go to satisfy that curiosity and was a self-appointed editor for at least one Wikipedia entry.

Backtracking to the beginning, on a dark and stormy night in January—the 2nd in 1970 to be exact—a baby girl was born in Oklahoma. Lloyd and Elizabeth Wright of Hutchinson adopted her. Carol Elaine, as she was named, grew up in Hutchinson along with her older sister Linda. After excelling in school due to academic superiority, she went on to Central College, now Central Christian College, in McPherson.

Laine majored in journalism. Contributing to her major coursework, she was on the Central yearbook staff and also worked at the local radio station. In 1990 after graduating from Central, she transferred to Seattle Pacific University. There she pursued journalism. SPU didn’t offer that degree so she created it and graduated with a BA in Journalism in 1992. That was an example of her thinking beyond the norm and typical boundaries.

While living in Seattle she was involved at the Shoreline Free Methodist Church. She worked for a time at the CRISTA Ministries Senior Living assisted living home as well. Laine was gifted with care and patience for elderly and disabled individuals. While working at CRISTA, she met Dorothy Chipman. Later, after the passing of both of Laine’s parents, Dorothy and her husband Rodney informally adopted Laine. She was listed as a daughter in Rodney’s obituary. When she said her “mom and dad” in recent years it was Dorothy and Rodney she was referring to.

Laine lived in Taiwan for a year where she was quite a spectacle with her blond hair and height. She came home with a little black stray dog she had adopted (because why not?). Then, in 1995 she met her dreamy husband-to-be Lorenzo Moore. They were married not long after on May 10, 1996. The two of them eventually moved back to Hutchinson from Washington State where they remained.

Laine is survived by her sister Linda and niece Talisha of Wichita. Adding to her family upon getting married were Tara, Lorenzo Jr, Alonzo, Bobby, James, Shirhea, Alexandria, and Angel as well as grandchildren and sisters-in-law. Though not a blood relative, she is also survived by her dear friend Annette who has helped Laine in countless ways. We can’t forget her beloved dog Bella and bird Max.

Laine was arguably one of the most unique, compassionate, funniest, quirkiest, most thoughtful, exuberant, creative, and smartest ladies (she’d hate the use of the word lady, thus it shall not be deleted) to those who knew her. Sunflowers were her favorite. Appropriately, her favorite color was yellow, and that more recently transitioned into orange as well. The point being, she loved vibrant colors. They reflected her colorful personality. Without health limitations, Laine would have loved to travel more, visit friends, to write, study, and possibly teach higher education. She had a passion for biblical knowledge and theological understanding. And, she retained information remarkably well. When her appetite was intact, she also had a passion for Mexican food and Red Robin—where many years ago she customized her own burger and would still request it to be specially made for her.

Mostly, Laine would want to be remembered as loving Jesus and striving to be like Him. Her faith endured circumstances that would have caused some of the rest of us to give up. She acknowledged God in the smallest of everyday victories.


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