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Alumni Obituary – Richard “Dick” Greer

Richard "Dick" GreerRichard “Dick” Greer (CC’63) passed away on Friday, January 13th, 2023, with his loving wife, Anne, by his side.

As of the early morning hours yesterday (Jan 13), Dick has stepped from time into eternity. He had been in the hospital since Monday, and on Thursday was transferred to the palliative care unit. I was able to stay with him through the night. When I woke up yesterday morning, he was gone. Our faith informs us, with assurance, that he is now forever with the Lord! We grieve, but not as those who have no hope, and I rejoice with confident certainty that someday we will see him again. . .

Dick was a wonderful husband and truly my best friend. We shared over sixty years of our lives together, and fifty-eight years as husband and wife. He was a wonderful father to Andy, father-in-law to our daughter-in-law Melissa and Pops to our precious grandson Dillon. Dick was a godly man of great character, integrity, forthrightness, diplomacy, love, generosity, and compassion. He loves Jesus and was a wonderful example of a good tree bearing good fruit. God be praised and glorified in the life and death of this great man, and we will be forever grateful for the time God has given us with him. Dick had a strong personal faith in Jesus Christ, and on Thursday, expressed to us a desire to go and be with Jesus.

It never rains in southern California, but today the heavens weep with us as the rain gently falls. – Anne Greer

Collage of Richard "Dick" Greer and his wife and family


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