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Learn to manage the demands of the contemporary marketplace.

Modern organizations require leaders to not only demonstrate business expertise but also have the interpersonal skills needed to manage the demands of the contemporary marketplace. This is where a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership gives you an edge. You learn a strategic combination of the disciplines of management and psychology and graduate equipped with the tools needed to be successful in a wide range of leadership roles.

Trevor Dahl Quote Organizational Leadership
Trevor Dahl Quote Organizational Leadership
Micaela Case Quote Organizational Leadership
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  • The Bachelor of Science in Business – Organizational Leadership program consists of 40 courses.
  • Each  course is six weeks in length, and the program can be completed one course at a time.
  • The time it takes to complete the program is dependent on the number of transfer credits awarded upon enrollment.
  • Foundational Courses: 18 Credit Hours
  • Liberal Arts Courses: 24 Credit Hours
  • Major Core Courses: 45 Credit Hours
  • Elective Courses: 33 Credit Hours
  • Total Program: 120 Credit Hours
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • High School Diploma or GED
    • Gain knowledge of core business, management and accounting principles while developing unique and creative solutions to business-related operations.
    • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills while conducting appropriate research.
    • Structure business practices to ascertain industry opportunities while exercising social responsibility at the local, national and global level.
    • Justify the responsibility that a business has to all stakeholders and engage society as ethical and productive citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Can I Do With Organizational Leadership?

Earning the degree can offer you the following:

  • Understanding of the many sociological and psychological factors at play in working environments
  • Interpersonal skills to foster better communication and collaboration with others
  • Management and leadership skills to help mentor, lead, and influence others in order to reach business goals

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Why Is Organizational Leadership Important for Businesses?

Those with organizational leadership skills are crucial to businesses and organizations because they help them run efficiently and productively. They can do this through a number of strategies. But below are four major ways they provide crucial value to businesses and organizations. Read more here!

How Can I Know if an Organizational Leadership Program Is a Good Fit for Me?

Earning a degree is a big decision, one that requires an investment of time, money, and effort. Therefore it’s important to make sure you’re considering several factors when researching schools. Some of these include:

  • What kind of program are you interested in taking (online, hybrid, in-person, etc.)?
  • Do you have enough college credits, if you intend to transfer into a program?
  • What type of campus “culture” are you interested in (small, faith-based, etc.)?
  • How are you planning to pay for it? Are there financial aid options that can help?

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What Is the Job Outlook for Those with an Organizational Leadership Degree?

Those with an organizational leadership degree have a combination of “hard” and “soft” business skills. This opens up many career paths for them and offers a very strong job outlook. In this article are jobs available to those with an organizational leadership degree. They include a mix of entry-level and more senior-level roles. Each one includes projected job growth rates from 2018 through 2028… Learn more here!

What Kind of Salary Can Those With an Organizational Leadership Degree Expect?

The median salary available to those with an organizational leadership degree depends on the career. In addition to a bachelor’s degree, additional experience and education can affect salaries as well. Learn more about specific salary ranges here. 

5 Careers for Organizational Leadership Majors

Entrepreneur, business executive, management analyst or consultant, corporate trainer, postsecondary education administrator. Learn more here!

What Is the Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Leadership?

Organizational leadership is evolving with changes in technology. Leaders realize that they must adapt to these changes faster. New technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) have changed the nature of leadership. The use of robust data analytics grounded in AI and machine learning techniques reveal new insights for business applications. Learn more here!

What Are the Benefits of Having an Organizational Leadership Degree?

Specifically, an Organizational Leadership degree can help you acquire the skills you need to manage the demands of today’s modern workplace. Upon completing a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership, you will have a strong handle on various aspects of management, psychology, and leadership—allowing you to confidently apply and interview for jobs in organizational management, human resources, training and development, and many other industries that require strong leadership roles. Learn more here!

What Is the Role or Organizational Leadership in the Digital Age?

degree in organizational leadership is an excellent way to kick start one’s leadership journey, as it provides a comprehensive approach to management, administration, consulting, human resources, and other corporate roles. Earning an organizational leadership degree provides the opportunity to gain the business acumen and interpersonal skills to meet the rigors of the modern marketplace. Some of these key skills are… Learn more here!

What Are the Top 5 Leadership Styles?

Participative Organizational Leadership, Charismatic Organizational Leadership, The Quiet Organizational Leader, Transactional Organizational Leadership, Situational Organizational Leadership… Learn more here!

What Are the Professional Resources for Organizational Leadership Majors?

Students who are considering an online degree in organizational leadership should recognize the importance of using organizational leadership tools to further their professional and personal development. By taking advantage of the best organizational leadership resources that are available, you will be poised to step into a leadership position shortly after graduating with your bachelor degree in organizational leadership. These programs and opportunities can provide you with the organizational leadership support that you need to enhance your resume and kick-start your career after graduation. Learn more about those resources here!

What Courses Will I Take in the Bachelor of Science Organizational Leadership Program?

The program is comprised of 40 total courses. You can complete one course at a time with each online course lasting six weeks. In terms of credit hours, the major core requires 48. General education accounts for 36, general electives take up 24 and Christian worldview courses make up 12. Let’s delve into the nuances of the curriculum to shed light on what Organizational Leadership students study. Learn more about the specific curriculum here!

What Are the Top Books on Leadership for Christians?

For Christians, their faith not only dictates their religious beliefs, but it also provides them with a structure for their actions, decisions and choices. Their entire life is influenced by Christianity, including the way that they lead others. If you are looking to hone your leadership skills in a way that is both thoughtful and faithful, consider one of these books on leadership for Christians. Learn more here!

What Are Management Tips to Smooth the Transition to Leadership?

Fast-tracking into your company’s management ranks is a huge accomplishment. There’s no doubt that taking on responsibility for people and projects is both challenging and rewarding. But there comes a point when you’re ready to move to the next level.

That’s when you know that it’s time to take the leap from management to leadership. Yet those who don’t know how to lead spend their careers mired in middle management. These management tips will help you transition from being an effective manager to an organizational leaderLearn more here!

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