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A bachelor of science in healthcare administration can help you change careers, advance in your current role, or begin your professional life in one of today’s most meaningful industries. Our healthcare administration program covers a comprehensive variety of subject areas that are relevant to becoming a manager, administrator, or supervisor in the healthcare sector.

You’ll learn about human resources, finance, ethical considerations, marketing, and the application of information technology. Our program is designed to help you gain problem-solving and strategic planning skills, as well as the leadership qualities unique to healthcare professionals who are tasked to be agents of change in contemporary healthcare issues.

    • The Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration consists of 40 courses.
    • Each course is six weeks in length.
    • The time it takes to complete the program is dependent on the number of transfer credits awarded upon enrollment.
    • Foundational Courses: 18 Credit Hours
    • Liberal Arts Courses: 24 Credit Hours
    • Major Core Courses: 45 Credit Hours
    • Elective Courses: 33 Credit Hours
    • Total Program: 120 Credit Hours
    • Minimum 2.0 GPA
    • High School Diploma or GED
      • Develop a broad knowledge of healthcare systems in the U.S. in order to lead effectively.
      • Enhance leadership competencies and technical proficiency in finance, marketing, human resources, information technology, strategic planning and ethics in healthcare settings.
      • Develop effective communication competencies in business and healthcare settings; learn the dynamics of working in groups and teams.
      • Develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to tackle current issues in healthcare; apply concepts and theories to practice.

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