The Baker & Janssen “Recital for Two” event showcased two students of the piano, now masters, who have proven that they are at the top of their game.

Perfectly in sync, the night started off with five moving pieces from Bach’s “St. Matthew’s Passion.” These reflective pieces allowed for holy time to practice reflective contemplation on Christ and his journey to the cross.  A wise decision during this Lenten season by Dr. Janssen.

Switching gears, the pianos then moved to the impressionistic master, Debussy. The two pieces blended together, swirling around the different modes, chromaticism, and as Janssen explained before the pieces, a frustrated rendition of “A Mighty Fortress” and a tribute to the Russian composer, Stravinsky. Truly, one could feel the delightful and discontent tensions, pulling the audience this way and that as the moods quickly shifted.

Bolcom’s “The Garden of Eden” provided many conversations as the ears did some constructive theological flexing through the story of the fall in the genre of ragtime. Great skill was displayed as the syncopation moved through light and dark themes of the ancient story found in Genesis.

Of course, the night ended with great applause as the two artists took their traditional bow. The evening was overwhelmingly beautiful, with theological themes and great performances by both Baker and Janssen. Once again, the “Recital for Two Pianos” was a treasure for the CCCK Community.

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