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Carol Ruth Hadduck: Model of Consistency

Mrs. Carol Ruth HadduckMcPherson, Kansas – Central Christian College of Kansas has a beautiful historied music program. From choir to vocal groups to jazz band and on, thousands have come through and been inspired by the music at CCCK. One reason for this: consistency. Over the decades, Central’s music program has seen a number of choir directors and accompanists, but time and time again, they have consistently stayed and invested in the students of CCCK. You’ll find none more consistent than Mrs. Carol Ruth Hadduck (CC ’48).

Mrs. Hadduck’s time at Central began in the 1940s as a student. She would graduate in 1948 and eventually take on a role in the Central music department. Over the years she inspired, encouraged, and taught students to see the importance of music and to thrive in their musical talents. In addition to accompanying the choir and other vocal groups, Mrs. Hadduck taught classes and even did some directing herself.

Recently, a former student of Mrs. Hadduck, Rie Kobayashi (CC ’92) of Japan sought to get in touch with his former teacher. After contacting the CCCK Advancement Department, Rie was able to find her phone number and enjoyed a wonderful reconnection with her. He wrote back and described his reunion with her:

Thank you for helping me to find Mrs. Hadduck. Because of the time difference, I had to stay up till 2 am but I [spoke] to her a few weeks ago.

Not knowing who would pick up the phone when I called her, I said that my name was Rie and I was calling from Japan. The lady who answered the phone was Mrs. Hadduck  and she immediately said ‘Are you by any chance Rie Kobayashi?’ She did not sound like a 90-year-old lady.  Before I called, I thought maybe someone who was assisting her might answer the phone. What if she doesn’t recognize me? But all my worries had disappeared when I heard her familiar voice.

In fact, she sounded just [like she did] thirty years ago! The moment we started to speak, I was back in 1990 in McPherson. I felt like we were standing in the Kitchen of her nice blue house, having a conversation while we washed dishes. I started to remember her office on campus, how beautiful the campus was, my room in Parsons, and all my good friends from Central. She gave me her address so that I could send her a Christmas card this year again. It’s been over thirty years and because of your help, we were re-united.

It was wonderful to speak to her and so glad to know that she was doing [well]. This whole experience made me realize not only how special she was to me but also the remembrance of how nice everyone was in Central. I really appreciate taking your time to find her for me.

Today, Mrs. Hadduck resides in McPherson, Kansas, and is doing well at 92 years old. Many a student hold dear memories of their time at Central because of her. Dr. Brett Janssen (CC ’01), current Chair of the Music Department had this to say about the legacy of Mrs. Hadduck,

I am grateful for the impact Carol Ruth has had on Central.  The Lord blessed her with an overflowing cup of energy that she channeled to minister to students, including a traveling piano ensemble and more than forty piano students on top of other courses taught within fine arts at Central.  She is an inspiration to me and my teaching as I hope to continue her legacy.


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