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CCCK Spring 2020 Honor Roll

Central Christian College of Kansas is happy to announce that 91 students have made the spring semester honor roll. This number makes up over one-third of the on-campus student body with 41 students making the Dean’s List (a 3.85 GPA or higher) and 50 making Honorable Mention (a 3.5 – 3.84 GPA). Central is extremely proud of the work its students have done – especially in the face of COVID-19 – as well as the work that the faculty and staff have taken to invest in each and every student.

*Dean’s List (3.85+ GPA)  **Honorable Mention (3.5 – 3.84 GPA)

Adams, Karlee Rian*

Aldana, Jessica Brianna*

Ball, Charis Marie*

Beard, Mekaylee Lorann**

Bougher, Goldie Rose**

Bourne, Taylor Shanice**

Bowman, Baily J.**

Bridges, Anslee Hope*

Burns, Shiloh Grace*

Byall, Evangelyn Janean**

Cabello, Maria**

Cannon, Jerome**

Carlisle, Kiarrah Shovanna*

Caron, Benjamin P.**

Carter, Cieara*

Cook, Morgan Marie*

Del Bosque, Alexandria**

Dixon, Jordan Danelle**

Echandi, Francisco**

Emery, Alyssa Ryan*

Emmot, Caden Daniel**

Epp (Widiger), Emily Paige*

Feh, Leslie Babila*

Fendall, Bryan E.*

Ferreira de Carvalho, Lucas**

Forsberg, Kassidy Jane**

Freas, Justin Tisdal**

Garcia Delfin, Hilario**

Golden, Holly Marie**

Hall, Altavia Tyjanae Victoria**

Hall, Lance Tyler**

Harper, Allison Mitsu*

Harris, Ian R.**

Helton, Trevor James*

Hernandez, Frankie Evan*

Hernandez, Zenith*

Herrera Jarmillo, Sebastian*

Hobbs, Titus Kent**

Hoffman, Hannah Renee*

Hughes, Kyla Anne**

Ingram, Luke Benjamin**

Jannone Gomez, Augusto**

Jellison, Kendra Alexis*

Jones, Keyshawn Trajan*

Key, Ethan A.*

Koerperich, Luke W.**

Korir, Sharon Jepkoech**

Krussick, Joseph Peter*

Ladetto Russo Batule, Facundo*

Lee, Seongji** Li, Mingyao**

Littleton, Peyton Alexis*

Lopez, Juan Adrian**

Lowe, Tania*

Macedo Goytia, Juan Francisco**

Marshall, Cheyenne T’Anna*

McClure, Jeffrey Lee**

McDonald, EmmaLee Antoinette*

Meier, Jordan Marie*

Menjivar, Karla Liliana**

Miller, Breana Michelle*

Munger, Clara Julia*

Noey, John D.*

Nuñez Russo, Matias Ignacio*

Ouderkirk, Kayla Marie**

Page, Caleb Adam**

Parrott, Alyx Kalyn*

Parry, James**

Porter, Brandalyn Nicole**

Rejino, Shawn Nathan*

Rettinger (Kirl), Kari S.*

Rettinger, Matthew Scott*

Reuter, Isabelle Lenore**

Riddle, Alexa Shea**

Rue, Jaycie Kaye**

Sales, Cheyann Renee**

Salgado (Elmore), Sheila Renae**

Samano, Christian Elijah**

Sanchez, Christopher Lee**

Schlagel, Rachel Mary Ann**

Shenkenberg, Brooke E.*

Sivakanthan, Ian Ashwin**

Stephenson, Connor James*

Tadeo, Manuel**

Takahashi, Hibiki *

Tyler, Allen D.*

Valverde Kardouchi, Ismael**

Vetter, Christin Joy**

Vines, Natalie Jane**

Waddel, Marissa Nicole**

Warner, Vanessa Grace*


Central Christian College of Kansas is a four-year collegiate institution that strives to offer Christ-centered education for the whole person through four core characteristics: heart, soul, mind, and strength. Its history dates back to 1884, and it is located in the friendly town of McPherson, Kansas. Central is a strategically small college that offers over forty areas of residential study and a thriving online program for non-traditional students. To learn more about Central, go to Visit the Foundation of Central Christian College to see what projects and events are coming up.

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