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What Is The Central Experience?

A close and personal relationship with students, faculty, staff, and coaches at Central allows for several opportunities to grow and develop life-long and meaningful friendships and mentorships. Whether it is sharing a meal with a staff member, serving alongside classmates, prayer in dorm wings, or participating in campus-wide events, there are numerous opportunities to build valuable, meaningful, and special relationships that last a lifetime.

Life in McPherson, KS

The City of McPherson is a “Thriving Small Town in America” according to Forbes Magazine (Kotkin, 2018).  McPherson is a small community of 13,000+ members and has several options for shopping, restaurants, entertainment, parks, and more! McPherson is only 50 minutes to Wichita, KS and just 3 hours from Kansas City, KS! Our students will often take day trips into these cities, or even weekend trips to stay with families of new college friends.


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