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One of the best parts of the college experience is the friendships, relationships, and learning that will occur while living in the residence halls. We require all students to live on campus as we see this as a vital aspect of educating the whole person. It is the desire of Central for each of its students to learn personal accountability, develop lifelong relationships, understand proper standards of living within a community, and take part in the growth and development that is offered in residence life. Each building has a live-in resident director who ensures a comfortable, safe, and positive environment for its residents. Each wing has a resident advisor who assist in resolving any needs or problems that may arise in the wing, as well as establishing and maintaining relationships within the residence halls.

Central has two Men’s residence halls, and two women’s residence halls. In addition, Central offers competitive Apartment living for seniors in good standing with the institution (exceptions may be provided).

Here to Assist – Meet Our Resident Directors

Each Residence Building has a full-time Resident Director (RD) who lives in the building to create community. Their role is that of care for the whole person – heart, soul, mind, and strength. Their job is to minister to the needs and concerns of each student who lives in the building, promoting a healthy view of themselves and supporting their needs.

Staff photo Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner

Resident Director

•  Parsons Hall  •

Email Guy

Staff photo Abby Hinman

Abby Hinman

Resident Director

•  Stoll Hall  •

Email Abby

Staff photo Elijah Barsness

Elijah Barsness

Resident Director

•  Kline Hall  •

Email Elijah

Staff Photo Hannah Ball

Hannah Ball

Resident Director

•  Gillespie Hall  •

Email Hannah

Residential Living

Residence halls on Central’s campus are designed for small group living. Stoll Hall (built 1927), Parsons Hall (built 1965), Gillespie Hall (built 1980), and Kline Hall (built 1992) are designed to house 300 students and include lounges, visitation areas, recreation areas, and resident director apartments. Married student housing can accommodate 3-4 couples. Other options may be available.

The dorm rooms are furnished with a bed, personal storage facilities, and desks. Students should bring their own linens and mattress pads. Quilts, blankets, rugs, pillows, study lamps, wastebaskets, etc. are not supplied. It may be good to include your roommate in the planning for bedspreads and drapes. This can be done after you arrive on campus and have a chance to talk over preferences.

The only requirement we have regarding students bringing refrigerators is that they must be 4.4 cubic feet or smaller. Televisions do not require specific approval. Cable television is available in the lounges. Unfortunately, due to regulations by the fire marshall, microwaves are not allowed in the dorm rooms, however, each residence hall has a microwave available for student use.

There are coin-operated washers and dryers in the residence halls. Ironing boards and drying racks are supplied, but irons are not. Storage space for labeled trunks and suitcases is also provided.

CLICK HERE for a list of what to bring

Residential Safety

For the safety of our students, each residence building is locked all the time. Each student is given a key that gives them access to their building as well as their room. In addition, first semester freshmen have “time in” as part of our student success program.

Students are encouraged to sign up for TIGER ALERTS to receive emergency notifications via text, email, and social media. For evacuation and shelter locations click here. For evacuation and shelter locations click here.

Residential Living Options

Parsons Hall

Parsons Hall
  • Occupancy: 64
  • Male dorm
  • Built in 1965, bathrooms remodeled in 2007
  • Two floors with two wings per floor
  • Each wing has eight double-occupancy rooms and one single-occupancy room
  • Community bathrooms on each wing
  • Six lounges throughout the building

Check out a Parsons Hall room

Parsons Room 1
Parsons Room 1
Parsons Room 2
Parsons Room 3
Parsons Room 4
Parsons Room 1Parsons Room 2Parsons Room 3Parsons Room 4

Kline Hall

Kline Hall
  • Occupancy: 70
  • Male dorm
  • Built in 1922
  • Twenty-two double-occupancy rooms
  • Two main lounges
  • Guys and girls are allowed to hang out in the main lounges during certain hours

Check out a Kline Hall room

Kline 1
Kline 1
Kline 2
Kline 3
Kline 4
Kline 1Kline 2Kline 3Kline 4

Kline Apartments

Kline Hall
  • Six apartments
  • Fully-functional kitchen
  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Washer and dryer hookups available

Stoll Hall

Stoll Hall
  • Occupancy: 41
  • Freshman female dorm
  • Built in 1927 and remodeled in 2000
  • Three floors
  • 1st floor has five double-occupancy rooms
  • 2nd floor has six double-occupancy rooms
  • 3rd floor has eleven double-occupancy rooms
  • Community bathrooms on the 2nd floor

Check out a Stoll Hall room

Stoll Hall 1
Stoll Hall 1
Stoll Hall 2
Stoll Hall 3
Stoll Hall 4
Stoll Hall 1Stoll Hall 2Stoll Hall 3Stoll Hall 4

Gillespie Hall

Gillespie Hall
  • Occupancy: 84
  • Female dorm
  • Built in 1980
  • Two floors with two wings per floor
  • Forty-four double-occupancy rooms
  • One connecting bathroom for every 2 rooms
  • Four lounges

Check out a Gillespie Hall room

Gillespie 1
Gillespie 1
Gillespie 2
Gillespie 3
Gillespie 4
Gillespie 1Gillespie 2Gillespie 3Gillespie 4

Triplex Apartments

  • Four Apartments
  • Fully-functional kitchen
  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Washer and dryer hookups available
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