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Central Supports Roosevelt Elementary After-School Program

McPherson, Kansas – The Central Christian College Teacher Education Department has been presented with an exciting opportunity to enhance the McPherson community. They recently received a generous gift, which in part helped to underwrite an after-school program at Roosevelt Elementary School (RES).

Roosevelt sought to provide an opportunity for students who might not have the financial means for organized activities and/or to regularly stay on school grounds after school has been dismissed for the day. The elementary school is focused on using these funds to build relationships, provide experiences, and give additional enrichment and service opportunities. Group activities will help foster growth in these areas.  Because of the financial support of CCCK, these students will benefit from experiences they would otherwise be unavailable to them.

RES has an incredibly broad and diverse group of students. While some of its students have access to a variety of after-school opportunities, such as ballet, instrument lessons, Taekwondo, gymnastics, and participate on sports teams, another group of students do not have the financial means to afford these after-school opportunities. Many of these students spend time after school hanging out with friends on the playground or stay after to play games and sports with their peers.

The staff at RES have observed that these same students cannot afford organized activities, like the ones mentioned above, and are the same students who spend time on school premises after school due to not wanting to go home. The school has a desire to provide unique opportunities for this specific group of students.

The school plans to offer a variety of course offerings for students, such as STEAM, arts & crafts, baking, Makerspace, video production, and technology. Teaming up with Central Christian College will help to offer different sports-themed camps such as baseball, volleyball, wrestling, and soccer to name a few. The ideas for after-school experience opportunities are endless!

With the support from a generous donor, the students will receive experience opportunities that they would not receive otherwise. They will have similar opportunities that more fortunate students already have access to, and will have invaluable opportunities to develop relationships, problem-solving skills, social/emotional skills, and learning and serving while pursuing their passions!

To support academic programs, go to www.ccckfoundation.org.

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