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Central Theater: Baskerville

From November 7-9, the cast of Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, dazzled audiences, many a time causing them to erupt into laughter.

Directed by Mr. Chris Gates, a 2005 graduate of Central Christian College of Kansas and Chair of the Communicative Arts Department, the play told the story of Sherlock Holmes’ (played by sophomore, James Parry) and Dr. John Watson’s (played by junior Luke Koerperich) investigation into the mystery of several deaths via a hound. The deaths end up being of particular interest as they each involve a member of the Baskerville family. That leads Holmes and Watson to team up with Sir Hugo Baskerville (played by freshman Tauren Greer) in order to help solve the mystery.

For the creation of the set, Gates conscripted the help of his actors and stage crew. He went about using mostly cardboard to create the set – a unique, interesting, practical and, ultimately, successful idea.

When asked about the performance, Director Christ Gates stated, “I came across this script 5 years ago, and decided to wait until it was the right time to put it up. I am glad I waited until now, because I loved working on Baskerville with this group. There were so many moving parts to this production that to do it well you must have a dynamite cast and amazing techies both backstage and in the booth. I was blessed with the perfect storm of both great actors and techies. They made this a truly great production to be a part of and experience as an audience.”

With the successful ending of one play, Gates now looks to next semester’s performance. The play itself has yet to be decided on, but make plans to attend March 5-7, 2020 in Greer Auditorium for the next Central play. There is quite a lot of talent on campus and this is something you won’t want to miss!

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Central Christian College of Kansas is a four-year collegiate institution that strives to offer Christ-centered education for the whole person – heart, mind, body, and soul. Its history dates back to 1884, and it is located in the friendly town of McPherson, Kansas. Central is a small, private college that offers over forty areas of study, as well as online courses for non-traditional students. To learn more about the theater and Communicative Arts Program go to the Department Page.

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