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Dennis Minner: A Heart of Service

Dennis Minner, Servant LeaderMcPherson, Kansas – Central Christian College of Kansas’ (CCCK) Servant Leader Award is an annual recognition of someone with an outstanding heart of service.  It is Central’s desire to place before its community a person who, following the example of Jesus Christ, has spent his or her life in significant service to the church and society.  It is our hope that highlighting the life of such an individual will serve as a model to the young people who attend CCCK so that they may be encouraged to commit their lives as servant leaders to others in this world.

The person selected shall have a life-long and growing commitment to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, an affiliation with Central Christian College of Kansas such as a former student, alum, teacher, staff member, or family member of the above, and have given long and significant service to society with special consideration for service to others through the church or church-related organizations.

It is with that criteria we proudly announce that Dennis Minner (CC ’74) has been selected as the 2021 Servant Leader recipient. An Alumnus and longtime volunteer of the college, Dennis has served CCCK as a Washing Machine Mechanic, Switchboard Operator, and Admissions Office Staff Member in addition to a variety of other volunteer responsibilities. Foremost, Dennis has been a powerful representative of the Lord’s love for others. His willingness to help others is incredible.

Dennis’ longtime friend and CCCK alumnus, Micheal Blackford (CC ’11) had this to say:

Once you know Dennis Minner you cannot forget him. Diesel mechanic, automatic transmission rebuilder, record collector, appliance repairman, receptionist, and paper shredder. Nothing on this list is remarkable unless you know that Dennis is blind, has been since birth, and has never seen any sunlight or color of wires or anyone’s face. Dennis uses his remarkable talents to befriend Central students, allowing them to drive him out to eat while he pays. He also keeps the students in clean clothes. He alone repairs the washers and dryers on campus.

Dennis helps Central’s administration by shredding all the paper records that [are no longer needed]. Dennis represents Central College in the community by repairing appliances for two ministries and many individuals. Outreach McPherson and The Reuse It Center are thankful for his donation of time and talents. Dennis exhibits well the ideals of a servant leader and has for many years.

Dr. David Ferrell (CC ’75) stated:

I first met Dennis when I was a senior in high school and he was a freshman at Central.  I saw him as just ‘one of the guys.’  He was friendly, he was confident, he was capable and he was genuinely the real deal!

He is the same today.

During my freshmen year at Central and he was a sophomore, it became very apparent he would know who we are by our voices, by us clearing our throats, by our coughs, our whistles, and so on – by even how we walked.

But we also learned that he loved to tease and he loved being teased.  So a bunch of us started disguising our voices trying to mask who we were.  It took Dennis no time to figure out who we were. This continues today!

I can honestly say that I have never or hardly ever heard a negative word about another person come from his voice.  I have hardly heard anything negative come from him and that includes the fact that he is blind.  He has embraced his situation and he has flourished by accomplishing things most of the rest of us wouldn’t even attempt.

Central’s Chief Financial Officer, LeAnn Moore (CC ’04) said this about Dennis:

When I was asked to write a statement about Dennis Minner, I thought of all the things that could be said, but I came to the realization that it was better to focus on what can’t be said about him. It will never be said that he didn’t try. He was never hindered by his inability to see as most see. He has never turned down an opportunity to help others, and no one can say he didn’t live to serve others. This is the man who has given diagnostics by listening to washers and dryers over the phone. He can memorize phone numbers better than anyone else I know and even drove a vehicle once.

Throughout his life, Dennis has used the talents God has given him to serve others. He is always willing to fill in at Disability Support answering phones when others call in sick, he graciously runs the sound for the FM Church, he gladly lugs around money bags full of quarters to save time for other CCCK staff, and maybe only once complained about the flimsy bags ordered for shredding! The College has benefited greatly from the services that Dennis has provided through the years and I know I am not the only one who has been blessed to get to know him.

We thank Dennis for his years of service, dedication, and example to others that no matter what God hands his way, he will quietly lead with his servant’s heart. His love for Jesus is powerful! The joy he shows as he serves others is pleasing to the Lord and it is CCCK’s absolute privilege to present this year’s Servant Leader Award to a man with such a heart of service.


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